Writer and Director Tim Kelly From Bluefields Completes His First film "GALORE" in Hollywood.

Gregory Lewin

Los Angeles-May 22, 2007-Tim Kelly was born on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua and raised in the Neighborhood of Pointeen. He completed his primary education at the Moravian primary school in Bluefields, Nicaragua. In 1985 Tim's family moved to the Cayman Island when he was 12 years old. He then  moved to the United States and lived with his aunt Judith in Silver Spring, MD where he attended Bethesda Chevy Chase high school. It was in high school where Tim first fell in love with film and plays.

Shooting of "Galore" was completed at the end of July 2006 and post production shortly after. "Galore" is Tim's first movie under Pearl Lagoon Productions, a film production company based in Los Angeles. The project is registered with the Screen Actors Guild. "Galore" is an edgy look at a 30-something, high society couple who, so focused on achieving societal standards of success, take actions that result in violence. "Galore" is the first of three films in Pearl Lagoon’s production calendar that will be written and directed by Tim Kelly.

Tim stated in his press release that he spent evenings writing "Galore" after watching foreign art house films of the 60s and 70s that were centered on the vapid lifestyle of the bourgeoisie and their pretensions to membership in the upper class. The film was inspired by Jean Renoir's "The Rules of the Game" (1939) and Luis Buñel's The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie (1970).  

After graduating from high school in 1991 Tim moved back to the Cayman Island where he worked for many years at CITN 27 and G.I.S. (Government Information Services) as a news Cameraman and Assistant Editor. "The position at G.I.S. allowed me to improve greatly at story telling through written and visual media" Tim stated. Stage and television work in Atlanta, Georgia during the mid 90s marked his debut as a professional actor.

I had the great opportunity to interview this remarkable young man.

Q & A

bluefieldspulse: What motivated you to move to L.A. to do filming?

Tim:  We produced a weekly News Journal( The G.I.S. Journal) and various Public Service Announcements. The work was very satisfying, but the idea of moving to L.A. to pursue a career in Film had been growing in my head since high school.
While attending High School in Maryland I was introduced to Shakespeare. I played Caliban in "The Temptess" during a Shakespearian festival at The Folgers Theatre in DC. I loved the language of the play which led to the discovery of more plays.

bluefieldspulse:  What other projects are you currently working on or have worked on?

Tim: Currently we are setting up focus groups to get people's reaction to our movie "GALORE" before entering Film Festivals.  I'm also working on feature Script for "GALORE" and an Untitled SCi-FI mystery.  I've also worked on a number of obscure Indy films and shorts, but my main interest has been working behind the camera.  

Tim, you have mentioned the interest of doing a project about your home, the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, can you tell me more about this? And do you have plans to travel there to obtain actual footage for this project?

Tim: I just started gathering historical info for a script dealing with the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Of course that's very personal to me, "it's my baby" much more than anything I've acted in, produced or directed. It will be authentic. In time I would love to go home, scout locations and eventually shoot a movie that's indicative of the people and culture of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.  I'm searching for books that deal with the history of our Coast... I read a bit about "Dar" The God of the Myskito people...It was a very interesting "invisible warriors" tale.

Both my grandfathers and father spent a great deal of time at sea. Some of  my earliest memories were of my Dad working on his boats also taking my older brother and I aboard. The sea is valuable to our way of life. So is music, food, religion etc. We have a very rich culture which needs to be saved in books, photos and my personal favorite Film. 

bluefieldspulse: Tell me about Pearl Lagoon Production:

Tim: Pearl Lagoon Production is our company. My partner Producer Jennifer Jones and I.  "A Pearl Production" is the first credit the audience see when watching our Movie. I want it to be the case for every movie I direct or produce. My Dad use to take us by boat to Pearl Lagoon to visit my Uncle Joe when I was a little boy. Those are the early memories I mentioned previously. It's also a conversation started. People love the name. I've been asked a number of times "What does it mean?" From there I go into my Bluefields stories and explain the whole thing. 

Tim Kelly is a former associate of Theatre West in Los Angeles, screen credits among a number of  independent films includes Old Glory, Devil’s Highway, Plant one on me and guest spots on CBS’ The Young & the Restless. Timothy Kelly is represented by Origin Talent Agency in Los Angeles. "Galore" marks his debut as writer/director.  During the interview Tim was busy getting himself ready for a taping of the Young & the Restless.

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