The Walls Of Division Must Fall

  Gregory Lewin

People, you must rise up and let your voices be heard to all the corners of the world. To every nation, every state and every city. By lifting up your voices, we may be able to tear down the walls of inequality that have separated us for all these years.

Progress, my people, comes when we stand up for what is right. Not with guns, sticks or stones but by the laws created by men themselves (our leaders). The laws they've created are to confuse us. They never thought that one day we would understand well enough to use them for our benefit. How mistaken they were then, and how regretful they are today.

The youth is ready to lead. It is just a matter of time now. It is survival time, and we all must join hands in this struggle in order for us to succeed. People in the RAAS, in particular those from Bluefields, who are abroad. My message to you is, "You Need To Join The Effort." We live in a democratic country, and it appears you still live in fear to stand up for what is rightfully yours. Sitting aside while others fight for you. Join the cause and send a message to our leaders in Bluefields letting them know that we are watching. That they must lead rightfully, rule right, and we will support them. No more stealing from the poor, no more lies.

Some of you create organizations and claim it is for the development of our home. But yet you refuse to participate in anything that could give us the power and the mechanism to do just that. You claim you don't want to get involve in politics. Well, from the moment you mentioned development, you’ve opened yourselves to politics. The central government never cared to develop the Caribbean coast, only to exploit it. So from the moment you set out to do something different my brothers and sisters, you’ve engaged in politics or politrics.

Change will come once we are all united with a common cause and get rid of the fear they've instilled in us for almost one hundred years. Rise up my people and don't let another century pass you by. Think about your children's future, and their children's children. Help clear the way for them. And when we move on, we can rest peacefully knowing that we’ve provided a better system for them to live in.

Do you want them to live in the same humiliating conditions which we have been living? I Hope Not.

"The Walls Of Division Must Fall."

Bob Marley once asked  "How Can You Divide The People If They Don't Have Four Feet"

RAAS and RAAN should have never been; we are one Caribbean coast people.    



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