The Fleecing

Gregory A. Lewin

Nov28-Lucky Dube’s visit to the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua was supposed to have been one of the most memorable moments in our history. Instead, It turned out to be one of the most scandalous¾a lowlight now shared throughout the international reggae community.

According to La Prensa newspaper, Realstone Production, a company under Realstone “Bada” Bent’s management, did not pay Lucky Dube for the Corn Island show, which left over two-thousand five hundred fans waiting all morning for Lucky Dube to come on stage. He did come on stage however but only to tell the waiting public that he had not been paid to perform, a situation that could have caused bodily harm to him and his crew.

“Thank god the people on the island did not act aggressively toward the artist” one outraged fan told the pulse via telephone. The fan also stated angrily that the people’s trust in organizers from Bluefields is at an extreme low, and that it was the second time they have been tricked. The first time was in 2000 when Judy Boucher and Donna Marie came over here to lip synch.

The shows seemed to have been financially doomed to failure from the beginning. Sources said the reason why the shows started late at night was because Lucky Dube would not go on stage unless he had been paid and for lack of confidence in Realstone Bent. He demanded his money before every show. This clearly coincides with what happened in Corn Island. La Prensa reported that Realstone Bent took the money that he had received from Javier Jackson, who had purchased the Corn Island show, and did not pay Lucky Dube, leaving him at the mercy of the fans.

One may ask how can a well-thought out and well-planned event go so wrong? Again, according to La Prensa, dated Friday, October 29, 2004, Lucky Dube was invited by Rayfield Hodgson, the current president of the regional council, to celebrate the 17th Anniversary of the Autonomy Law 28. There should not have been any financial issues since the President of the council invited him. In previous months, Bluefieldspulse had learned from ex Governor Cox that a disbursement of  $6,000.00 had been issued to Rayfield Hodgson and Realstone Bent to secure Lucky Dube for the October events.

One may also ask why was there a financial struggle with Lucky Dube when he was supposed to have been performing for free to help build an art center on 20 acres of land at a cost of $150,000.00 according to promoter Realstone Bent in the Prensa articles dated Tuesday, October 25 and Wednesday October 26, 2004. Sources told the pulse that the four events including transportation cost amounted to approximately $100,000.00. Why and how can so much money be spent to build an art center that would cost $150,000.00 in a region where unemployment is nearly 95%?

Note: Fans in Corn Island who had proof of purchased tickets were reimbursed.

Chronology of reggae/soca Concerts Held in Nicaragua for the benefit of the Caribbean People

Bluefields and Corn Island  (2000)
Promoter - Orel Schollotte
Artists - Judy Boucher and Donna Marie
Caught lip-synching (fonomimica) and got booed.  Thought this event was embarrassing?

Bluefields (2001)
Promoter - Oneness Entertainment Group (formerly SLC Inc.)
Artists - Yvonne Curtis and Ray Mondo
Wonderful show that will always be remembered for years to come.

Bluefields (2002)
Promoter - Oneness Entertainment Group
Artist - Owen Gray
Great performance! Magnificent artistry.

Bluefields (2003)
Promoter - Oneness Entertainment Group
Artist - Yvonne Curtis
A free show for all to celebrate the 100 years of struggle on the Caribbean coast.

Managua (2004)
Promoter - Oneness Entertainment Group
Artist - Burning Flames
You haven’t seen anything until you see Burning Flames live.

Managua-Bluefields-Bilwi-Corn Island (2004)
Promoter - Realstone Bent
Artist - Lucky Dube
Disastrous, since Lucky Dube did not get paid for one show. It was revealed that Lucky Dube was not doing the shows for free as stated by the promoter in La Prensa; instead he was charging $10,000.00 a show.




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