Student Denied Award - Officials Call It Racism

Bluefields, RAAS, Sept 15-Marlon Clair Jr. IS THE MOST OUTSTANDING STUDENT IN THE SOUTH ATLANTIC AUTONOMOUS REGION. Mr. Clair attends the Moravian high school in Bluefields. He is the son of Ignacia Sharp, a primary teacher at the same school and Marlon Clair, 

Marlon Clair Jr. rightfully earned the right to be named the best student in the region because of his grade levels. The award gives him the right to receive and hoist the Nicaraguan flag from members of the army during the independence day activities of September 14. 

Sources said that Marlon Clair Jr. was the victim of daily intimidation during rehearsals with taunts of him not having the voice of a leader or the voice of grown man. He was told that he would faint during the ceremonies because he was not strong enough. Sources said it was a plan put together by the Minister of Education in Bluefields, Saida Cardoza to give the award to another student. Sources said she did the same thing last year with another black student from the Colon school. 

To protest the decision from Saida Cardoza, the Moravian school and two other high schools did not participate in the ceremonies of September 14. Just as Saida Cardoza begun to give her speech in the stadium, sounds of drums and music were heard on the outside as the three schools marched around it to protest her racist decisions. All the attention and support from the people was then turned to the schools outside the stadium. One official said, for the first time he is feeling a sense of unity with the people from Caribbean coast. We are tired of being humiliated he said. 

Saida Cardoza made yet another bad decision when she decided to take the parade all the way to Old Bank turning left at the corner of Dr. Roberto Hodgson bypassing the normal route which turn left at the clinic in Beholden. Ms. Cardoza was surprised to find out she was marching alone on her way to Old Bank while the schools took the normal route turning left at the clinic. She was immediately escorted by members of the police force for what reason no one knows. Sources said her failed decision to take the parade all the way to Old Bank was to avoid the people in the area where Marlon Clair Jr. lives. 


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