Oct 2, 2001-On Sunday September 9, 2001 Bluefieldspulse had the pleasure to sit down with Mr. Rodney Solomon, President of the softball league in Bluefields for an exclusive interview. The interview was done with the intention of giving Mr. Solomon an opportunity to defend himself against what he calls false accusations against him. During the 1999 Tri-State Tournament in West Palm Beach, Florida,  Bluefieldspulse published an article about Mr. Solomon based on information it received from different parties.  This interview will be posted in several segments. Most importantly, we have changed nothing. It's exactly as it was said (verbatim). 

Segment 1

Bluefieldspulse interview with Mr. Rodney Solomon on September 9, 2001.

Present at the interview were Steve Hooker, Carl Cash, Gregory Lewin, Austin Lewin, Michael Lewin, Araia Sloan, and Mark Narcisso.

Steve H: Well Mr. Solomon, I think what we are trying to do is to set the record straight. I think itís been too many years and to much talking and name-calling back and forth, and we donít know exactly who wrong who right whatís really going on. I think the main thing is get what really going on, to try to set the record straight. I think that is why we are trying to talk to you now, and I donít know if it was appropriate to invite anybody else. I think right now since itís been your name constantly calling, we going try clear that up now and then afterward maybe we could call anybody else involved with your presence so we could set record straight but at this point and time we want to start talking about this whole tri-state fiasco or whatever business. People talk say you have business with Poyoy and Brooksy. People talking about you bringing other people because your contact at the embassy, that you can provide the visa. People talking that you go to the embassy and tell the consul that you are the only team that represent legally Nicaragua or the Caribbean coast. All these misconceptions or whatever they may be and all these misunderstanding, all these name-calling and stuff. We would like to try and clear it up now. I am sure my colleagues here, which is SCL by the way Mr. Cash, Mr. Lewin, Mr. Lewin, Mr. Sloan and yours truly Mr. Hooker. We would like to try and get it clear today and Iím sure they have other questions they would like to ask you today.

 Gregory L: One of the issues is that he normally charge a fee for anybody who wants to come to the US. This interview will be published on Bluefieldspulse. It is an opportunity for you to defend yourself about what was sent to Bluefieldspulse to be published about you.

 Steve H: I think before we question him, before we ask him to layout a stament then we make questions. We would like to start by saying, your cousin, which is Grego, is an editor. He runs our website. Its unfortunate that sometimes things that come in to the newspaper, they have to throw it out and this came up to him and he just put it out on a neutral site and people look on it and said at lease we could believe in Bluefieldspulse now because we gave them this and he published it. As how you said, maybe it wasnít the right thing but now we are trying to retract that. What we are trying to say is that your family has nothing to say we against Solomon because we just want to get the record straight and this was just something sent to the man, brought up to the man and he published it so itís now we could go back and tell them this article was on such and such a time and this a backup article on top of that.

 Rodney S: First of all, my name is Rodney Solomon Benard. I remember when we first had the tournament here (Miami) in 1976. Nordic Prince furnished all the trophies and we invited NY and Washington. We had Miami and Nordic prince. Clinton Hodgson, Ivor Hodgson, Vernon Hodgson we did it the first time here in Miami. After that, we went home, nothing happened. In 1991 they sent a letter down to Moya (Randolph Brown). I was administrating the coast team at that time. I had some money for Guthrie. He said to me, ďSolomon if you can take this trip to Miami go ahead.Ē I took the team up here to Miami for the first time in 1991. After I come back home, the boys them came back up on their own. In 1993, Mireya Downs called me and said to me Mr. Solomon I been inquiring to bring a team up here and your name came up in all the inquiry. So, can you bring a team to the States? I said yes I could. I went to Guthrie and put it to him. He said Iíll help you, you could go, and he gave us the pass. We came up here; we won out champion that year. In 1994 we came back and won out sub champion. In Ď95 we had the tournament in Bluefield which I hosted. The girls we came out champion. In í96 we went to Washington. Iní97 is when the problem start. From Ď91 to í96 everything was fine. In í97 Wilshire called Rene Brooks and beg him for an invitation. When he got the invitation, they always go ahead of me the embassy. I never been to the embassy until the week Iím going to fly. When I went to the embassy, Wilshire them gone already and they bounce most of them and they gave me 10 visas. I could not come with 10 girls in Miami here. In 1997, I took them to Costa Rica. In 1998, I came up again when we went NY, that is when Corn Island team was invited. I went in and talk for them, and I talk for Puerto Cabezas and we came up, everybody enjoyed themselves. But when we was going to West Palm they said that I wrote a letter. I have the PULSE home because I got it in West Palm. I read it over. I have it home right now in my briefcase. I would never leave it again because I was accused of a fraudulent letter was sent to the embassy. I was accused. I was accused I never make a selection to come here which is lie because I have a league in Bluefield and I do not take out selection until the league is finished and I go national. I come out national champion two years straight. Iím the only person in Bluefield is the federation is me Rodney Solomon. There isnít any other federation. You have other one form and say they are fighting against this one, but when they see in Managua, I represent Bluefields. We win out champion two times. I have in my team the best player in Nicaragua, Mireya Bowie MVP of Nicaragua year 2000. I went again in July to the tournament in Esteli, and we came out champion batter, champion pitcher. We came out the best again. Ok what they saying about I charge $700. But we only pay $200 year before last and I brought them up again this time and we pay $400. I would like know for them to show me the person that say that they pay me $700 to come here and I can come up to it.

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