The Sleeping Giant Has Been Awaken

Gregory Lewin

January 29-Bluefields, RAAS-Today Alejandro Mejia, the council member hand picked by Rayfield Hodgson to replace the people’s Governor Mr. Guy Cox, was escorted into the Governor’s office by a unit of the police force. Gov. Cox immediately asked him to leave and told him that until the Supreme Court says otherwise, he was still the people’s governor. Though Mr. Mejia was able to enter the building, he was not able to enter the governor’s office. So he sat in the receptionist area until 2PM at which time the police escorted him out of the building. 

This prompted the people to shout:
Who is the governor? Guy Cox
Who is the receptionist? Alejandro Mejia
Justice, justice, justice…

The crowd shouted at Mr. Mejia. He was told that Rayfield Hodgson was using him, like a puppet. They asked him where were the others who elected him and where was Rayfield Hodgson. Of course, Mr. Hodgson did not show himself and has not come near the governor’s office for the past 4 days.

It is estimated that over two thousand people descended upon Kings’ park when they heard that Alejandro Mejia was being escorted to the governor’s office. Kings’ park was full to the capacity with people from all walks of life: teachers, fishermen, nurses, students, housewives, and children. They came from all over: Pearl Lagoon, Tasba Pauni, Rama Key, Kukra Hill, and Corn Island.

The people came shouting slogans, “no fear they say, no more, the sun has risen.” They used firecrackers to lively up the protest. Car tires were set on fire. The police put the first tire out, but the multitude was ready with another two. The fire trucks were called in to put the tires out, but one protester assured them that they would not get through. She deliberately lay down across the street, and the fire trucks retreated. When the people’s governor looked out his office window, he was amazed and ecstatic. The expression on his face was one of satisfaction to see so many people in the burning sun willing to give all they have to make sure justice would prevail. 

Brooklyn Rivera, head of Yatama party sent a delegation made up of three Yatama council members to deliver a message to Gov. Cox. Sources said the message was that the Yatama members Dayne Cash and Melbourne Jackson from Corn Island and another who voted against Gov. Cox were dismissed from the party. Sources also said Gov. Cox was told that those disciplined council members acted on their own account and not under orders from the party.

The people are keeping vigil in Kings’ park and promised another rally tomorrow. I once heard Rayfield Hodgson said on the radio that it is not worth marching to protest for anything because it made no difference and achieve nothing. Perhaps, he already knew what he was planning and scheming in the dark of night.

Mr. Hodgson you stand corrected. Today the people showed you that marching and rallying together do make a difference. Together as one we can move mountains.



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