Serrano Does Not Support Blocking of Remittance

Questions posed to Congressman Serrano by Gregory Lewin. 

GL: Do you agree with the threats being made by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher chairman of the International Relations Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation to stop all aids and money remittances that the Nicaraguans and Nicaraguan Americans living in the United States sends to sustain their families should Daniel Ortega wins the upcoming elections? And do think it is fair for the United States to punish the Nicaraguan people if they freely choose Daniel Ortega as their next President?  

JS: "I do not support applying any type of economic sanctions on the people of Nicaragua as a result of their choice in upcoming elections. Such punishments run contrary to our nation's proper role as a champion of free and fair elections. In particular, I have always found remittance bans to be especially cruel, as they target families.

GL:What should the Nicaraguan people in Nicaragua and the United States expect from the U.S. Gov. should Daniel Ortega actually wins the upcoming elections?

JS: We can help to create a more positive and open hemisphere if we treat our neighbors with respect and decency." 

In your opinion, what should the United States do should Daniel Ortega wins the Presidency? Should dialogue be pursued to ease all tension and create a safer region in the Central Americas or should the United States move forward with Rep. Dana Rohrabacher recommendations?  

JS: In the wake of the elections, as long as they are deemed fair and open, I will support dialogue and engagement with whomever wins, regardless of ideology. I will work with my friends and colleagues to ensure that this is the stance of the U.S. government.

GL: Does the Democrats share the same sentiments as Rep. Dana Rohrabacher and his other colleagues?

JS: America does not need to create yet another strained and unpleasant relationship with a Latin American country based on conflicting ideologies. Congressman Josť E. Serrano

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