Neighborhood Take Initiative To Construct Street

Gregory A. Lewin

Bluefields, RAAS, Aug. 8-Residents from the barrio of Ricardo Morales Avilés is crying out for help from the Caribbean coast community around the world to help them with the construction of a street. The street and sidewalk in the neighborhood is impassable when it rains. This is not the only barrio with such problem. We found out that the street that runs in front the Mayor’s home is in similar condition.

The residents of Ricardo Morales Avilés took it upon themselves to raise funds to construct the street and sidewalk needed in their neighborhood. The residents see this as the only alternative since the Mayor’s office does not have any funds to construct streets and other needed projects.

They have come together and formed an organization to oversee the project. The organization is comprised of five board members:

Javier Bejarano – President
Francisco Soza Escobar – Vice President
Shari Hodgson – Treasurer
Lourdes Aguilar – Secretary
Nilda Taylor – Fiscal/Supervisor  

Shari Hodgson, Treasurer of the organization in charge of overseeing the constructions of the street said, “It is a tremendous task to carry out, but they are willing to work hard and hope to get some type of assistance from the community abroad.”

Ms. Hodgson said the organization has opened a special account at the Calley Dagnall bank in Bluefields. The account number is 004-802-0822 for those who would like to contribute to the fund for the construction of the street.

The total cost of the project is estimated at $17,247.00.

Breakdown as follow:


900 bags of cement                         $6,429.00
73 cubits of black rock                    $4,018.00
65 cubits of sand                             $1,161.00
60qq of 3/8 rod                               $1,286.00
100 pound of wrapping wire            $     51.00
30 pieces of timber 1x6x10              $     54.00
10 pieces of timber 2x2x10              $     15.00
50 pounds of wire nails                    $     27.00
Labor                                              $1,479.00
Total                                              $14,520.00



200 bags of cement             $1,429.00
12 cubits of black rock        $   643.00
16 cubits of sand                 $   252.00
30 pieces of timber 1x6x10 $     54.00
Labor                                 $   329.00
Total                                   $2,707.00



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