Reggae Star Ray Mondo Has Died

Gregory Lewin

London - August 8, 2011 - It is with great sadness that I inform you that one of our beloved family members have passed away. Ray Mondo from the World Sound Family has died. Ray blessed us with the 2001 Bring Back The Culture Festival in Bluefields with a performance that has been etched in our hearts forever. One of Ray Mondo's biggest hits is "Pack Your Things". Bluefields was the first to experience it LIVE!

Ray Mondo was 56 years young when he passed. He always enjoyed talking about the nice time he had in Bluefields in 2001 and yearned to go back for another show. He has always remembered the love and appreciation he felt from his fans when he arrived in Nicaragua. Ray's career spanned decades but it wasn't until he teamed up with the master Bill Campbell that Ray Mondo became known worldwide with his monster hits "Pack Your Things" and "What About Me". Ray was popular all over the world but especially in Brazil and Nicaragua.

Ray Mondo recorded four albums with Bill Campbell and collaborated on many of the World Sound Reggae Covers, Mature Melodies and Reggae Gospel series. His 4th album has not yet been released.

Ray's passing comes as a shock to all of us as he was full of life and energy and ready to take on his next project. We know he was ill but nothing to take him away from us at such a young age. The last time we spoke he  was completing an exclusive for Oneness Entertainment and Devo Sound Machine, he was recording "Story Book Children". Ray was in high spirit, he was laughing reminiscing of his time in Bluefields and kept saying he will go back for one last show.

Ray's passing is a great loss for all reggae fans of Lovers Rock. We at World Sound and Oneness Entertainment, together with all his fans worldwide, will remember Ray by ensuring that his music continues to warm the hearts of all for generations to come.

Enjoy the tracks that I have selected by Ray Mondo playing on the main page of bluefieldspulse,and stay tuned for his 4th and last album he completed with Bill Campbell, which has not yet been released.

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Ray's family.    

Raymondo performing "Pack Your Things Live" in Bluefields 2001. Press "Pause" on the Mixpod to enjoy this video.

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