Pronouncement of the Nicaraguan Association of Creole Ethnicity


 1.- That the magistrate-president of the Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) Roberto Rivas with plenary knowledge, as of May 4 of the current year, has caused a “Governance Crisis” situation in both Autonomous Regions of the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast which affects all the inhabitants of these territories.

 2.- That the problems in the North Autonomous Atlantic Region (RAAN) were initiated on May 4 in Bilwi after the accreditation of the regional council members by the plenary of the Supreme Electoral Council. The crisis began with the unprincipled decision of magistrate Roberto Rivas to suspend the election session of the Directive Board of the regional council initiated by himself, using arguments which violate the edict prescribe in Article 26 of the Law of Autonomy Costeña.

3.- That the crisis begun by magistrate Roberto Rivas in the RAAN in turn initiated an internal crisis within the Supreme Electoral Council which after leaving Bilwi arrived in Bluefields without the capacity to convene a quorum, therefore; lacking the legal faculties to certify the elected council members in the South Autonomous Atlantic Region (RAAS) which is mandated in Article 39 of the Law of Autonomy Costeña, and for this reason; none of the elected council members in the RAAS are legally certified.

4.- That the deputies of the Autonomous Regions, who by right are members of the regional council, are the ones certified in the national assembly (congress) and not the substitutes; and that the spirit of the Article 20 of the Law of Autonomy Costeña, which establishes such disposition, is that the deputies who represent the Autonomous Regions in the national assembly are totally aware of the occurrences through active participation with voice and vote in their respective regional council.

5.- That Mr. Roberto Rivas, aside from being the principal instigator of the “Governance Crisis” in both Autonomous Regions, is an accomplice of serious anomalies in the RAAS manifested in the usurpation of the Coordinator’s (governor’s) position by a substitute deputy who at no time has been legally certified to occupy any position in the regional council,  and in the election of a totalitarian and exclusive directive board by the council members who have not been legally certified.

6.- That the handling, disrespect, violations of the spirit and letter the Law of Autonomy Costeña, and other regent laws by Mr. Roberto Rivas have been flagrant, shameless, and have placed the Autonomous Regions in an unnecessary crisis.


1.- To denounce before the coast people, national opinion, and the international community the impudence with which Roberto Rivas is handling the Law of Autonomy Costeña on behalf the political and economic interests of Arnoldo Alemán who have demonstrated his will to uphold hegemony by any means in the regional councils, and also, in the national assembly to counter balance and challenge the president of the republic, Enrique Bolaños.

2.- To denounce before the coast people, national opinion, and the international community so that others may join us to demand the resignation of Roberto Rivas from the Supreme Electoral Council for the illicit acts he has spearheaded and for creating the “Governance crisis” in the Autonomous Regions.

Bluefields, May 17, 2002.  


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