Once can be a mistake, Twice is just straight out injustice.

On September 14th I experienced one of the saddest days in the life of my people, but yet one of great pride and joy to see the Moravian students standing strong next to an honorable achiever and class mate Mr. Marlon Clair Jr., son of Mr. Marlon Clair Sr and Miss Ignasia Sharp. Marlon Jr. was denied the right to carry the Nicaraguan flag by the delegate of the MED Saida Cardoza (the words here should really read the Ex- Delegate of the MED) A right that he had achieved by his excellent academic merits. What planet is this lady living on? Does she know that the Caribbean Coast people are of a multiethnic race? I will say no more about this.

One incident that really shook me up was when the two schools from Beholden, Orasha and Dinamarca joined in protest with the Moravian school. I felt such a sense of unity at the moment but as I got over the rush I wondered how great of an impact it would have been for all the other schools to join in protest. Maybe I am asking for too much but I believe if we want to control our own destiny these are the kind of things that we need to start doing as a people. Unite against the evil might.

I was able to conduct a brief telephone interview with Miss Ignasia Sharp and this is what she had to say about the incident.

Pulse: Miss Sharp how do you feel about the incident that took place today September 14th in regards to your son?

Miss Sharp: I am very offended. My son due his merit and they did not give him a chance or the opportunity to see what he can do.  He was judge before even giving him a chance.  He passed the test and what is in his brain no one can take it away.  They repeatedly told my son that he was not competent, not fit, does not have a voice of command, not built like and army person. He got tired of it and told me he did not want to rehearse anymore. So, I said to him “you are my son, you are capable enough to put on a show but you are not a PAPISHOW (as we called it) and I will support you all the way.” after that I told him to talk to his director about the situation (the director of the Moravian school is Alan Budier) I was very nervous about the situation but I stood strong by my son to support him.

Pulse: Thank you miss sharp.

This is the kind of spirit we need on the Caribbean coast. See how this mother after experiencing nervousness about the situation picked herself up and stood by her beliefs and convictions. How many of us can do this? Search your soul and hearth my brothers and sisters. Stop watching other people fight your fight and just be content with reaping the sweet.

You have a voice of your own let it be heard. Ignasia I was very proud to see the way you marched on the 14th with great pride and joy, with respect to your country while holding steady in protest of this great injustice.


The Minister from the MED in Managua said that May Pole is not a Nicaraguan tradition, let me just say something while we are here at the conference table. Let's talk a little about my COLOR (Black) Once and for all let's get it straight.  If May Pole is not a Nicaraguan tradition then are you saying we are not considered Nicaraguans?  People there is something you need to know if you don't know already.  We people of color (Black) according to the Constitution of Nicaragua, are not Nicaraguans. If I got your attention then am glad. The Constitution mentioned all the other races in Nicaragua with exception to the Black race.  We are still considered slaves. 

Now my suggestion to the Minister of the MED is to be clear. We know in your little gatherings with your close colleagues you discuss these topics, are you saying we the Caribbean Coast People are not Nicaraguans because of our beliefs and traditions? if so, be clear with it and lighten up your burden. Give us Autonomy, give us Independence if we are a bother to you. After all you never did anything for us.

We are the sons of Kings and Queens. We can control our own destiny. The Giant on the coast has awaken. You can see it thru the eyes of the Miskito Indians, the Ramas, the Sumos, the Garifunas, the Blacks, the Creoles and the Meztisos as we come together to fight one common cause, The Betterment of the Caribbean Coast People.

Note:  All we asked for is a little "EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE"

A. Lewin Jr.



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