Missed Opportunities

Gregory Lewin

Maryland - October 20, 2010 - By the time many of us realized the mistakes and we come to grips with reality it is often too late to turn back the hands of time to get another chance at “missed opportunities”. You see, I am a strong believer that if you do the right thing no matter how grim the outlook may look, there is always someone out there looking out for your well being working tirelessly to see you prosper and to succeed in life. Often we don’t appreciate what others have done for us and it becomes a “missed opportunity”.

Opportunities falls into one’s path for a reason, the synchronicity of life and one has to be cognizant that such day will unfold and embrace the opportunity with all that is within. One has to be the light to recognize its worth and not be blinded by others and meekly stumble into subliminal despair.

There are many factors for missed opportunities, disrespect, ungratefulness, selfishness, and plain old stupidity. Unfortunately, these traits really get us no where in life and hinders our progress as mentors and role models in today’s societies. We find ourselves not being proactive BUT in fact REACTIVE, following others trying to be what we are not. One has to recognize one’s self as being unique and setting one’s vision far beyond the glorious blue skies instead of not appreciating that accomplishment that God has granted us. Not appreciating the hard work and sacrifices that others have done so unselfishly for us without asking for anything in return, other than you pay it forward to help continue this cycle of hope. We find ourselves so caught up in the idea that if and just if you were in someone else’s  shoes that the world would be at your feet not realizing what you have accomplished is much bigger and because of these traits you create the “missed opportunities”.

Lies, deceit and being a complete hypocrite are often the cause for “missed opportunities” as well. We become entangled in these misguided traits and become blind to the fact that there are good things beyond the horizon for us if we just endeavor at it and appreciate the effort of others. One just can’t sit and wait for success to fall in one’s hands without any work. It takes a cooperative effort to achieve success otherwise you will always be opened to “missed opportunities”.

Many of us fail to realize what lies ahead of us therefore, the chest full of diamonds, gold and rubies are often left alone and untouched by the sacred hands that they were meant for and will disappear just like in the movies. We fail to open the chest because our mind is so focused on the little jar full of cookies that we end up missing out on opportunities that would otherwise make a difference in our lives. We become statistic, a failure. We continue making the predictions true for those of us whom they predict would fail. It’s no one’s fault but our own for “missed opportunities”.

Opportunities come once in a lifetime to each of us, and one has to be very wise in its choice. Either you smile and tell the almighty that you are ready to accept such a blessing or you close your eyes and realize that your GOLDEN opportunity was “missed”.



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