Miss Oneness 2007 Kathiel Lampson Places In The Top Five At The Miss Global Beauty Pageant.

Gregory Lewin

June 5-Kingston Jamaica-On June 3, 2007 at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel in Kingston Jamaica beautiful Ms. Kathiel Lampson was among the top five candidates making history by being the only Caribbean coast women of Nicaragua to achieve this goal in an international beauty pageant ever.

There were twenty participants from the Caribbean and as far as Africa and Europe.

Kathiel Lampson had all the qualities to be crowned winner of the pageant; she is beautiful, intelligent and talented with a beautiful contagious smile. After a week of touring around the island and visiting many resorts it was time for the finals. Ms. Lampson was well prepared and delivered a first class professional job worthy to be included in the top five. First up on the cat walk she showed off her costume made by herself representing peace, next up was the swim wear followed by her evening gown. Kathiel appears to be an angel in her evening gown only without the wings as she walked down the cat walk. Today the Jamaica Gleaner is reporting that Kathiel's costume was best with Trinidad & Tobago. Trinidad & Tobago Amanda Chedu won best costume. The winner of the Miss Global 2007 is Cynthia Muvirimi of Zimbabwe

When asked about the result of the pageant Miss Lampson replied “I feel like a winner and this is how I am going back home to Nicaragua, a proud winner” she said.

“Visiting Jamaica is a dream came true for me. Ever since I was a child, I wanted to know the country of one of my heroes in life, Bob Marley” she said. I will take the opportunity to go and visit his home while I am here in Jamaica. I am told that there are lots of history there.” She added.

Ms. Lampson had the opportunity to meet many people of high society and dignitaries from other countries in Jamaica including the honorary council of Nicaragua the Honorable William Tavarez G. L. And Sean Paul in person as he congratulated her on her beauty.

The council was very supportive of Kathiel and took the opportunity to take a snap shot with her and wished her well. Whenever her name was called he cheered her on.

Lampson stated that her work as Miss Oneness 2007 begins when she get back home to Nicaragua. “I will dedicate my time looking for help for the building of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Bluefields for the young and the old.” She said. “I will also work very closely with the Executive Director of Miss Oneness to obtain the necessary funding for our pageant. This is a positive project for all young women of the Caribbean coast who have dreamed of representing Nicaragua in an international beauty pageant. Obtaining the necessary funding will possible yield the opportunity for us to host the Miss Global Beauty Pageant one day on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.” She stated. 

Kathiel returns to Nicaragua on June 5 a very proud young woman worthy to have represented Nicaragua with pride and dignity.

“Many thanks to all the Nicaraguans who have supported me concluded Ms. Lampson."

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