Oneness Entertainment and Miss Oneness Trinidad and Tobago

Gregory Lewin

Port of Spain - June 23, 2011  - I am very pleased to announce that ONENESS Entertainment Trinidad and Tobago has been established as the sister company of ONENESS Entertainment founded in 2005. Oneness Entertainment is the producer of the Miss ONENESS Beauty Pageant in Nicaragua.

ONENESS Entertainment Trinidad & Tobago is independently operated by its President/CEO - Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo and its Board of Directors. ONENESS Entertainment Trinidad & Tobago is the National Franchise Holder for the 3rd biggest beauty pageant in the World - The Miss Earth Beauty Pageant. Mrs. Vanessa Sahatoo-Manoo and I are the Executive Pageant Producers of the first ever staging of the Miss ONENESS T&T Beauty Pageant, where the crowned Miss ONENESS T&T beauty will have the opportunity to proudly represent the beautiful twin island state of Trinidad & Tobago at the prestigious Miss Earth Beauty Pageant to be held in Thailand in December 2011. There, she will showcase her talent, intelligence, grace, charm, poise and beauty that are truly indicative of Trinidad and Tobagoís diverse cultures and traditions of a multi-ethnic society.

ONENESS Entertainment Trinidad & Tobago was created to inculcate the collaborative efforts to promote the beauty, culture and tourism of T&T and Nicaragua, showing the genuine cohesiveness of these two nations into the international pageant community, both in the field of beauty and  philanthropy; thus exemplifying the pageantís theme : The Empowerment of Women through Beauty and Splendor!

This Pageant invites all young, intelligent, beautiful ladies with a passion for empowerment towards further goals; be it in their chosen careers or humanitarian, to come forth and support each other towards one common goal in the end Ė Promoting Trinidad and Tobago & its entire splendor!!





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