Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend

Gregory Lewin

Silver Spring, MD Jun. 26, 08- 21 year old Michael Francis Taylor was a beloved son, a brother, an uncle and a dear friend. A candle light that started burning on February 8, 1987 at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD; a candle light that will continue to burn for all eternity deep within our hearts.

Mickey was the son of immigrants from Central America. He was fortunate to have three countries he could call his home; The United States where he was born; Panama, the land of his loving mother Merida Taylor and Nicaragua, the land of his devoted father and a leader in the Caribbean coast community of Nicaragua in the United States Mr. Winston Taylor.  

Mickey was about family. Family was always first.  He was loyal to those he considered his friends. He was giving and never showed a tiny bit of selfishness in his life. His friends recall that Mickey would take them to his house and share anything he had to eat. Mickey loved his older brother Alex as though they were both of the same body. They were inseparable. They loved each other so much that wherever you saw them together there was a rainbow following them.  Next to Alex is Mickey's loving god-brother Sean.

Mickey was very athletic and love sports. He excelled in every sport he played. At an early age he started playing football at the 65 ankle biters level with the Maple Leaf from Bethesda. The following year he moved up to play with the Silver Spring, Saints. Mickey was a graduate of BCC High School (Bethesda Chevy Chase) where he led the Barons as captain of the football team.

After graduating from high school Mickey attended Frostburg State College for one year where he started studying Criminal law. He enjoyed the cool things he saw on CSI Miami and decided that he would study criminal law. Mickey had just finished the 2008 school year at Howard Community College where he continued his criminal studies. He worked as a security guard in downtown Silver Spring. 

Mickey grew up in Silver Spring and is loved by everyone he came in contact with. It was difficult not to love a kid like Mickey. He was always smiling with his contagious smile and chubby cheeks.   

On Saturday June 21, 2008 Mickey was tragically taken away from us. Earlier that evening in a conversation with Mickey he said that he was going to be attending Towson  College in the fall and would try to make a comeback at football. He missed the game so much. He had not played for the past year due to a knee injury. He was happy and had the usual smile on his face when he approached me. He said he was doing fine and ready for school. As I part from Mickey I told him to take care he smiled and he said "sure".

Mickey leaves behind his loving mother and father, two brothers, two grandmothers, a grandfather, 8 uncles, three aunties, one niece and countless friends from the United States, Panama and Nicaragua.

Mickey, you will be missed by all of us.





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