May Celebration

The month of May for Bluefields, should be the single most prideful month for us all. The dance known as Maypole is looked down on by the elders who feel that the youths destroyed our Maypole culture. They claim that the youths are lost and destroying the coast. They say that things are not the way they used to be. The good old days will always resurface in any conversation with an elder. 

We the youths can only sit back and imagine the way things used to be. One message I have for these elders and that is, we cannot turn back the clock it is impossible, those days are long gone and it is the time for the youths to rise up and take a hold of the situation. From the time of the elders until today we are still experiencing the same problems. 

We are not saying they are the blame for what is going on today, but they certainly did not fix it, so who are they to blame the youths? We must remember that the day the Moravian missionaries set foot on the Atlantic Coast they banned drumming and dancing. We must not forget the many years of suppression of our culture. 

The way the youths express themselves in dancing today could be the release of this suppression.  Maybe this new way of dancing should be removed from the traditional Maypole and called something else, "the new maypole". To every problem their must be a solution, but to condemn does not solve anything. 

Maypole is a part of our heritage and culture and it is time we come together and try to rescue what is left of it. It is not degrading to dance and express yourself in the way you see fit but holding back what is natural could sometimes cause an explosion. Let us take what is left our culture and fix it, let us be proud of the little that we still have and take back what we gave away.                          

 Ariel "BUNN-IT Hamilton                        


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