Maude Wilson Hodgson

  Nicaraguan Citizen of the Year

Menlo, CA, 27Jul-Born in Bluefields, Nicaragua, Ms. Maude, as she is lovingly known by many, emigrated to this country over 30 years ago.  She settled in Menlo Park California, where she was later joined by her husband “Mr. Bully”, and her five sons, Leonard, Edgar, Melvin, Willoughby and Errol.

 When Ms. Maude was first informed of this Citizen of the Year award, being the shy and humble person that she is, the first thing that she said was …in her very broken Nicaraguan Caribbean accent…”them betta no friggin expect me to get up on no stage and say nothin’.  Just put the Byron Lee de’ mek a kiss im up…”  After all, Byron Lee and The Dragonaires is her favorite Soca/Calypso group. 

 Ms. Maude’s home in Menlo Park has been frequented by most, if not all of the Nicaraguan’s as well as their friends and families that have either lived in the San Francisco Area, or were simply passing through.  Her kindness and comfort ability has been felt by many generations.  Her home has seen the sights of Christmas gatherings, mother’s day celebrations, Thanksgiving prayers, domino games and parties for no reason what-so-ever!

 Currently Ms. Maude is one of the people at the forefront of the Wallace Howell Charitable Foundation.  A non-profit organization in memory of one of Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast greatest icons.

 On this day, the Nicaraguan community of the Bay Area say “Thank you” to Ms. Maude.  Thank you for opening the doors of  your home to those of us who were in dire need of a warm place to stay during many winter nights, and a place to gather during hot summer days. A place where you are guaranteed a plate of food, no matter what, no matter when, most importantly, no matter who. A place where our children could come and play and meet other children.  Thank you for the coco cakes, casaba puddings, and your oh, so famous home-made brackish bun! You represent the mother for those of us whose mother’s are far away.  Thank you for making us all feel at “home”

 You are indeed an ambassador of good faith and kindness.  May God continue to bless you with fortune, and may you always be surrounded by people, big and small, who respect, love and appreciate all that you do. You are an inspiration to all of us.  Thank you Kooka!

 July 27, 2001 – Byron Lee & The Draggonaires Concert - San Francisco, California

 By:  Elisa M. Levy



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