Mature Melodies VOL. 1

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Track Listing:

1.   I'm Leaving     -  Yvonne Curtis, Bill Campbell
2.   Trouble You   -  Rockie Campbell
3.   No Sweeter    -  Junior Cassanova
4.   I Don't Mind   -  Yvonne Curtis
5.   The Poor Man Cry - Junior Cassanova
6.   Sardaring - Bill Campbell
7.   Stranger In Town - Junior Cassanova
8.   A Feather In A Cap - Bill Campbell
9.   2000 Years Ago - Rockie Campbell
10. The Love Lost - Rockie Campbell
11. White Witch - Yvonne Curtis
12. What A Fight - Pete Campbell
13. Jah Jah Say - Honey Boy
14. I'm Not  A Slave - Olidia
15. Cinderella - Olidia
16. Black & White - Pete Campbell

 Arranged by B. Campbell & C. Smith
Produced by B. Campbell for Bill Campbell Productions
Recorded at World Sound Studios

A World Sounds Recording
World Sounds 2002  

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Mature Melodies is a one of a kind compilation put
together by Bill Campbell. Many of the titles are familiar as I know many of us grew up with them but what makes them different are the voices you hear singing them today. Mature Melodies has a little bit of everything for everyone of all ages. Yvonne Curtis and Bill himself start off the compilation with a little bit of a lovers quarrel between the two. Then, the up and coming star Mr. Junior Cassanova takes it away in track 3 "No Sweeter Way". In Track 4 once again the queen of lovers rock take you away with her sweet sensational voice in "I Don't Mind." In Reggae Covers Vol. 2 for the first time we heard a young lady by the name of Olidia who gave us her rendition of "Hard Time." A song that relates to all of us going through the struggles of life. Olidia is back again, this time with "I'm Not A Slave" and her rendition of "Cinderella."  Call your friends when you are about to play this wonderful compilation of Mature Melodies and see what they think. 

Greg Lewin


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