“I Would Never Join Rayfield Hodgson And His Dirty Laundry, I’d Rather Be Dead Before I Do Such Thing.”

Gregory A. Lewin

Miami-Jun, 18,2004-Bluefieldspulse recently caught up with Mr. Mark Narcisso in Miami, Florida. Mr. Narcisso is a member of the regional council of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region. After the how are you doing and is everything ok, I went directly to the question.

Pulse: Is there any truth to the rumor going around the city of Bluefields and among the Nicaraguan Caribbean coast community abroad that you have been caught in immoral activities with one of your best friend Mr. Alan Ingram?

Narcisso: This rumor was made up by none other than Rayfield Hodgson and his followers just before the May 4th regional elections. It was a political move to discredit me since I was the candidate running against him for the Regional Council president’s position. I am not homosexual and I have nothing against those who are homosexual. Rayfield Hodgson is a cancer, he uses his political party as a tool to abuse and continue to hurt the poor.

Pulse: Has this unspeakable rumor caused any harm to you and your family?

Narcisso: It is very troublesome to my family and kids but thank God my family knows who I am and they know my reputation.

Pulse: The rumor is about you and Alan Ingram, what is Mr. Ingram doing about this?

Narcisso: Alan went to look for Rayfield to confront him but did not find him.

Pulse: What evidence do you have that this vicious rumor was created in Rayfield’s office.

Narcisso:  One of his own council member told Alan that Rayfield himself made it up.

Pulse: Does this council member have a name or you rather not say?

Narcisso: Yes, it was Rendell Hebbert.

Pulse: What is your opinion on Rayfield eluding prosecution from all the alleged illegal activities that he has been tied to?

Narcisso: It appears he has friends in both parties, friends who are in high places. Imagine the court ruled that the election held on May 4th is not valid and yet he continues to make a mockery of the system.

Pulse: Is Guy Cox still the Governor of the RAAS?

Narcisso: Yes he is but he has not gotten paid since February of this year. Guy's paycheck is now going to Alejandro Mejia. Mejia is the person Rayfield picked to be Governor. I don't understand how this can happened when the court has ruled that the  election is not valid. I truly admire Guy for the work that he is doing. He is standing strong amidst all the obstacles created by Rayfield. He is not giving in to any of his tactics. Hopefully the youth will learn from Guy and get involved in politics so we can make a change and get rid of the cancer that is keeping us down.

Pulse: Anything personal to say Rayfield?

Narcisso: “I would never join Rayfield Hodgson and his dirty laundry; I’d rather be dead before I do something like that.”

Mr. Narcisso went on the say that we need to come together as leaders of the communities and get rid of the cancer that is eating away the flesh and sucking the blood of the sufferers. Nothing is working because of the selfishness of Rayfield Hodgson. He has all the projects paralyzed. We as leaders need to join together for the benefit of our people. We need to look beyond our personal egos and work toward the improvement of our communities to better our schools and creating jobs for our people.

Pulse: Thank you for your time.



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