October 4, 2002
Washington, DC


We, the concerned Nicaraguan Caribbean coast citizens residing in the USA and particularly those residing in Washington, DC metropolitan area, have come together in a show of solidarity, by means of a peaceful protest, to expose the blatant injustices perpetrated against our compatriots in the South Autonomous Atlantic Region and the outright disregard for the laws established in the Nicaraguan constitution.

Considering that:


  1. Since May 4, 2002, the South Autonomous Atlantic Region has been without a legitimate government, which may be the concealed intention of the Nicaraguan government to strip the Caribbean coast inhabitants of the right to self-government guaranteed by the Nicaraguan constitution.
  2. The inability of the Supreme Electoral Council, Supreme Court of Justice, and Central Government to resolve the pressing issues that has been detrimental to the southern region.
  3. The monies allocated for the regional budget for year 2002 have not been disbursed, which in turn is causing more strife and impoverishment to an already social, economic, and historically deprived people.
  4. The absence of regulation and compliance of Law 28 is the root cause of an ineffective regional government.
  5. Discrimination and racism have been the vehicle by which we have arrived at this junction in our wretched history.

We are resolved to join forces in the struggle for the assurance of our rights. And as Nicaraguan Caribbean coast citizens, we will lift our voices to be heard by those conscious to the cries of a subjugate people.

Isn’t Nicaragua a democratic country? We are entitled to representation ... NOW!  

As such, we demand:

  1. The legitimizing and institutionalization of the South Atlantic Autonomous Region government, Now!
  2. The total disbursement of the monies for year 2002 regional budget to mitigate the suffering and poverty of the Caribbean coast people.
  3. The enforcement of equal rights and justice, overdue for over one hundred years.
  4. An end to the impasse by the Supreme Electoral Council, Supreme Court of Justice, and Central Government.
  5. An immediate resolution to the stalemate and respect for the constitutional Autonomous process.

 President Enrique Bolaños at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on April 5, 2002 stated, Yes, I support the law of Autonomy on the Caribbean coast.”

We expect compliance.




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