Lucky Dube Lives On In Our Hearts and Souls

Gregory Lewin

Photo: reuters

October 22, 2007-Lucky Dube, reggae icon, ambassador and a messenger was senselessly murdered on Thursday October 18, 2007 by the hands of carjackers in the suburbs of Johannesburg according to police report.

According to the Sidney Herald five suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of Lucky Dube.

The world is in mourning today as yet another rising star has left us prematurely. Lucky Dube was 43 years old. He was born on August 3, 1964 in Mpumalanga, South Africa. He is survived by seven children and his wife Zanele.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the family of Lucky Dube and members of his band. Lucky Dube will be missed daily by all of us who enjoy his musical artistry and his lyrics.

In November 2004 the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua was blessed by the presence of Lucky Dube as he traveled all the way from South Africa to entertain the people of the Caribbean coast who have come to enjoy, respect and love his music.

On Sunday evening of August 26, 2007 I saw Lucky Dube for the last time live in concert at the Cross Roads night club in Bladensburg, Maryland. The show was very energetic and happy. Lucky Dube was full of life and this is the way I will remember him. The band was happier than I have ever seen them before. I enjoyed the show from start to finish.

I remember hesitating if I should attend the show while sitting in the parking lot as my close friend who was supposed to attend with me was on travel in Nicaragua. I finally decided to see the show and I am very happy that I did. The show is vividly in my mind. I have played it over and over again in my mind and wonders now, who will fill his shoes?

The death of Lucky Dube is a great lost NOT only to the music industry as a whole, but to ALL of us who respect and love his music and expresses its message to help us get by each day in this crazy world.

Dube's funeral service will take place at Farmers' Hall in Newcastle on Sunday October 28 and will be a private affair.

I leave you with a song “Celebrate Life” taken from Lucky Dube’s last album released in 2006 “Respect”

“Celebrate Life”

We are living in the world with a lot of crazy people
We are living in the world with psychopaths
Every one of them wants to rule the world
Some people have the front row seat
At the top of the world
Some people have nothing but just a life
Problems are there left and right

Liars, cheaters, politicians and back stabbers
Making life a little bit more unbearable
It is a give or take world
So you got to take what you can when you can
Make the best of it, Wo!!!!!

Say yeah!, Yeah! Celebrate life, Say yeah! Yeah! life is good

We are living in the world with demented people
There is a man standing on the edge of the bridge ready to end it all
Some people don’t know what life is worth
Some people have the front row seat at the gates of hell
You could be having problems right now

But there’s no problem worth your life
People fight to stay alive every day ‘cause they know
Life is worth more than worries
So you got to take what you can when you can
Make the best of it

Say yeah! Yeah! Celebrate life. Say yeah! Yeah! life is good



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