Killer Bees And Change Of Commander In Regional Council

Bluefields, RAAS, Jul 10- On Sunday July 6, Handymen who were cleaning the property of Mr. Alan Mathews accidentally hit a nest full of African bees. The bees stung the handymen and anyone else who came in their path as they made their way out of the nest. Many of the victims suffered allergic reaction and had to be rushed to the hospital. The allergic reaction caused severe vomiting and fever. The fire department had to come out and sprayed the nest later that night.

The South Atlantic Autonomous Regional Council (SRAAC) has not held a session for the past 13 months. On July 7 they did. The agenda, “to discuss the resignation of Erasmo Flores Reyes, President of the Regional Council.” According to sources, Erasmo had draft up a letter of resignation in which he states that he was resigning because of family issues. Sources said that Erasmo never made his resignation letter public because he changed his decision and did not want to resign his post. However, other members in his party had personal interest in his position and went ahead and made the letter public. According to the law, once the resignation letter is made public it cannot be retracted. The council is made up of 45 members of which 24 voted in favor of Erasmo Reyes resignation. In the end, Mr. Rayfield Hodgson (brother Ray) is now the President of the Regional Council and Rendell Hebbert the Vice President. Erasmo will file an appeal in court this week.    


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