IS Bluefields Becoming The Wild Wild West?

FEB 19-We are just in the middle of February and yet another murder in the city of Bluefields. Witnesses said that about 8PM at “La Casona” Bar hotel and restaurant located in front of the Bakus discoteque that Juan Mairena, the owner of a bakery in the Cotton Tree neighborhood was shot to death while he and two female companions were having an evening drink.

Police do not have a motive for the shooting. Some are saying that it was over an argument for a wallet, others are saying that it was cause of a jealous rage. Authorities are still searching for the suspect who was last seen getting into a taxi.

These incidents are becoming more frequent in what used to be a calm city and the authorities are clueless on how to handle it. It seems as though people are just taking the law into their hands and doing  whatever they want to. Kind of resemble the old time in the USA when cowboys ruled what become known as the wild, wild, west.

In sport:Play-off for the Amateur league kicked off on Sunday, February 17. Four teams are competing for the two final spot to fight for the championship. They are: BICCU, Cotton Tree, Old Bank and Pointeen.

Result of the first two games: Old Bank defeated BICCU 13-5 and Cotton Tree, the defending champions were victorious over Pointeen 7-4. Keep it here for more.



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