Indigenous Rights Attorney's Husband Brutally Murdered

Bluefields, RAAS, April, 9-Last night between 7 and 8PM,  Frank Garcia Valle was murdered. Frank was a physics-chemist professor at the Bicu University and the Moravian High School in Bluefields. Frank was married to Maria Luisa Acosta,  an attorney who specializes in indigenous rights. Maria is the attorney overseeing the illegal sales of the Pearl Cays and the lands in Monkey Point. Frank was also the owner of the funeral home "Funeraria la Paz" located across from the Moravian school gym in the downtown area, half a block away from the fire house department.

Ms. Acosta was attending a meeting at the Uraccan University with the Pastor of Peace organization while her husband was been murdered. She is convinced that she was the one they wanted to kill because of the pending court cases that has to do with the illegal sales of indigenous lands on the Caribbean coast. . The incident does not appear to be robbery since the killers took nothing. They ransack the home as though they were looking for something. 

Recently Ms. Acosta publicly said that her life had been threatened; according to her and others they have good reasons to believe they know who did this horrendous crime. 

Frank's feet, hands and mouth were tied. He died from a gun shot wound to the heart. No one witness the crime and  the police has no suspects. Frank's body will be taken to Managua by request of his mother.

This is the fourth homicide in Bluefields this year. So far there has been one miscarriage of justice, two unsolved murder cases and Frank's death will be the fourth. This once peaceful Caribbean city has seen her share of crimes. In most cases,  for fear of their lives witnesses "see no evil and hear no evil." In recent years the flow of immigration to Bluefields has been rising steadily bringing along with it crimes and violence. The city is under siege, the community is running scared. Help, Help, Help.       


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