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Miami, May 31-Isnít it ironic how we talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. Isnít it a joke how we find excuses when we do not want to help. It is the same story every time we asked to help out a cause. All are aware of the condition the Hospital is in and all agree that it needs repairing and upgrading, but none will help. 

Brothers and sisters we need to come together as one and get things done ď GOD HELP THOSE WHO HELP THEMSELVESĒ THE GOVERNMENT HELP NO ONE EVEN IF YOU HELP YOURSELVES. We need to get things done on our own. It is a shame that since November of 2002 we have three 40í Foot Containers sitting in Miami with materials to make a better Hospital in Bluefields and canít get it going. We show so much pride in other things and canít even come up with $ 6,000.00 Dollars to ship these things down. Do the math, 600 coast Men and Women giving $10.00 each makes it $ 6,000.00.

Thanks to a few donations and a Party we organized we managed to send the first Container to Bluefields last week and only praying the other two can follow shortly. We will continue doing what we have to do to get these containers moving. However, if you feel it in your heart to help  we will surely appreciate it. Remember, this Hospital serves the entire Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua not only Bluefields. Think about the people who travel from as far as Rio Grande to get service. 

CUPROD, an organization represented by Dr. Leonardo Green went down to Nicaragua and spoke to higher authorities in Managua and hopefully we will not have any problems with customs getting the goods to the Hospital in Bluefields.

Brothers and Sisters you need to wake up and smell the Coffee, (as they say)  if the Coast is going to be a better place we need to make it happen.

We targeted the ships and having so many Coast people on these vessel it is a shame that between 2 ships so far we can only come up with $530.00. We want to thank those who are not even from Nicaragua (India and Trinidad) but found it in their heart to help though small as it may be. Yet the People who live the reality of the Hospital every time they go home on Vacation are hesitant to give $10.00. Ladies and gentlemen donít look at the total just look at the $10.00 you give and be proud.

The first container went down and should be at the Bluff by now. The Container # is CLHU-825658-3 seal # 142743 ( 40ícontainer) it went on Voy 145 of the MV YOKAMU under BL MIAYOK145BLF 301. For this container we paid a total of $ 1,840.00, any money left after we put through this project will be used to start another project for the region.

If you prefer to deposit your donation please see our Bank Account Number:

 Bank of America: Account # 003931195955 

If you prefer to mail us a check, please make it out to S.L.C., Inc. and in the note section please indicate Hospital Project.  

If you prefer to make your donation by credit card you may do so by signing up at PAY PAL and send the money to slc. Pay Pal will ask you for an email address. That address is  Go to  to make your donation by credit card. The system is secure so you should have no worries. 

Thanks to all who have help so far and we encourage others to join in this great cause that will help many if not all.



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