Steve Hooker

Miami, April 30-This Hospital is located on the South Autonomous Region of Nicaragua in the city of Bluefields and available for use by all Nicaraguans.

 The Hospital needs help desperately, I’m sure you have heard some of the gruesome stories of what goes on at the Hospital and what you have to do to feel comfortable when there. People are talking that if you want to have a comfort zone you may have to carry everything with you from your bed to your pillowcase, some say when you get there and see the conditions you get even sicker.

We as Citizens cannot wait until the Government do anything about this. We need to act now and get it going, this will be the only way we can assure our Parents, Families and other relatives that they will have a better Health System.

In November of 2002 we got a tip from a young man by the name of Mr. Adolfo Hodgson. He told us that at his job site they were getting ready to demolish an old Hospital building in Lake Worth, Florida. We got together as one and got the job done by filling 3 forty foot containers with Hospital materials (Beds, Mattresses, Bed Pans, Night stands, Curtains to separate the beds, Closets, Food trays, Lunch Table, Operating Tables, and other things.

These materials have been sitting in Hyde Shipping’s yard since that time and now we need to return the containers to Hyde Shipping. The bottom line is, we need to ship down the containers now or we have to dump the materials in order to return them to Hyde Shipping. This is why we ask you so desperately to assist us in getting these units down to Bluefields.

We will make sure that the entire community knows who are the ones doing all this for them. We are sure they will thank you over and over again.  We have the help of all radio stations available for this project, they will let the people know how good you are.

Please think about how much good you will be doing to the entire Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua.

The goal right now for getting down these 3 Containers is $ 6,000.00, we will make sure you get a report of where and how the money is spent, anything you can help with will be greatly appreciated by all.

For further Information please do not hesitate in contacting the following people:

Erica L. Hooker              305-651-1233 Home    305-505-3730 Cell

Steve R. Hooker              305-651-1233 Home    305-505-3366 Cell

Austin Lewin                   305-653-7086 Home    305-510-0429 Cell

Greg Lewin                      301-379-6749




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