History In Our Home

January 28-2004-Bluefields, RAAS-Today January 24th Black people made history in Bluefields. For the first time Black people stood up for  justice for our Governor Guy Cox.

For the first time we protested and reclaimed our rights without fear. Today we showed our power to the town. Today Bluefields realized that Black people are still alive. Black people have fought for many years to a achieved the laws and the reglamentation of autonomy. For many years Black people have lived hoping for the sun to rise. The sun finally rose and we got our autonomy. Today January 24th Black people realized that some of our leaders like Tatiana Guerrero, Alejandro Mejia, Rayfield Hodgson among others are acting as though they have no knowledge of the autonomy law and its reglamentation. 

The only way to regulate our Regional Council is to apply the Reglamentation of our Autonomy law. 

Thanks to all Caribbean coast people who made history today. We exercised the principles of Martin Luther King, regardless of our race or the color of our skin. We Caribbean coast people together we are strong, divided we are weak, open your eyes and don't fall asleep. 

Daughter of the soil.

The Rape Of Our Autonomy

 On January 27th 2004 delinquents of the South Autonomous Region (RAAS) put their ignorance into practice. The delinquents, Rayfield Hodgson, Alejandro Mejia, Rendell Hebert, Tatiana Guerrero, Benito Morales and Ingrid Cuthberth among others exercised everything the criminal Arnoldo Aleman has been teaching them. 

Today the AUTONOMY of the Caribbean Coast has been raped, stolen, shot and killed by those who do not respect it. 

Will the AUTONOMY of the Caribbean coat survive these atrocities?
Will there be any judge to apply the law of justice and save our AUTONOMY?

Today the people joined under the song "BLUEFIELDS THE LAND WE LOVE" to protest against the RAPE of our AUTONOMY law by Yatama and the Liberal party.

Delinquents how long will you continue to rape the AUTONOMY of the Caribbean coast people?

Daughter of the soil.




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