Highway Robbery 

Eustace Wilcher pictured to the left as he tells us about his ordeal on his way from Managua to Bluefields. He and his brother Luis who came home from Washington, DC were both robbed at gun point, an experience they won't soon forget. On December 30th, both brothers got on a bus to travel to the port of El Rama to take the journey down the Escondido river to Bluefields. Luis wanted to experience the thrill of traveling to Bluefields by road, something he hasn't done in many years.  Wilcher told us that the bus was hijacked by the last five passengers who boarded. 

He said it was thirty minutes into the journey away from Managua near Tipitapa when the five armed robbers demanded the bus driver to stop the bus. To instill fair in the passengers they immediately hit one of them in the head with a gun causing him to bleed. The robbers were armed with one AK47, a shot gun, 9mm, an uzzi and some other type of small arm. Mr. Wilcher told us that he personally lost 3,000.00 Cordobas and his brother Luis lost all of his belonging. 

We asked Mr. Wilcher if the armed robbers wore anything to conceal their identity. He said no. This was an experience for the Wilcher brothers you see, especially Eustace. He was a guerilla fighter and never came near to being shot. He laugh when he talks about  the incident. Everyone on the bus lost their belonging but never lost the spirit to continue the journey on another bus to come home and celebrate the new year. We jokingly asked Mr. Wilcher if he plans to hunt down the hijackers, he  just smiled and said no!

No one was killed and only one hurt, thank god. 


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