May 23-As I sit to myself sometimes in that quiet space that every individual has where we often go to relax and meditate of life experiences, I often wonder why is it that so many if not the majority of us Caribbean Coast people of Nicaragua was driven into exile whether by an act of war, natural disaster or maybe just Godís will to say to us, you are the future of your people, prepare yourself so that when that day comes you can and will be ready to lead your generation to a better future.

As I look around I see many of us pursuing and achieving our goals.  Some of us learn different trades such as Builders (Construction Worker) Electricians, Doctors, Teachers, Businessmen etc.  This made me realize that maybe just maybe and I hope that all this preparation will not go in vain, that one day we will be able to go back home and impart some of this knowledge to the younger generation and lead our region to a Higher Learning.

Recently to be exact on May 4, 2002 I witness one of our Caribbean Coast citizen graduating from college and it was such and chilling and electrifying moment when they presented the flags from the different countries, to see my blue, white and blue waving in the air, I felt very proud to see another one of us had achieved what he had set out to do. He had OVERCOME. I had a brief interview with the graduate Mr.Melburn Carter and this is what he had to say.

Bluefields Pulse: Why did you decide to go to college?

Mr. Carter: 

Ever since I graduated from high school one of my main goal in life has been to become a professional. I always believed that education is very important in life. (Because, my Mom said so, but not only because my Mom said so, it was because everybody said so!) However, I have decided to go to college not only because I want to pursue a professional career, not only because education is important, not only because Mom said and everybody said so. It is because Iím convince, that education is the ultimate weapon to success. It is because it will help me to become a better person. It will provide me with self-confidence and a peace of mind. I also believe that the ultimate example I can give to my kids about education is to be educated myself.

Bluefields Pulse: What do you plan to do with your new accomplishment?

Mr. Carter: 

 My college degree is only the stepping-stone to pursue my professional career. However, I would like to use my accomplishment as a motivation to the Nicaraguan community. Iím open as a guide to anyone who wishes to pursue a college degree. My e-mail address is mcarter@hydeshipping.com

 Bluefields Pulse:

Where do you see yourself in the future? Is the Caribbean Coast of Nicaragua in your future plans in regards to imparting your knowledge?

Mr. Carter:

I always believe that you donít give the man a fish, you teach him to fishing. Therefore, I can see myself in the future trying to share my knowledge with the people on the Atlantic Coast. There is a lot to do on the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua, but it must start in Managua.

 We like to commend Mr. Carter for his achievement.





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