Hailey Iyasus

Black Seed Reviews 

1.   John Public
2.   Storm
3.   Livity
4.   African Queen
5.   A Change Is Gonna Come
6.   Good Nigger Slave
7.   Black Seed
8.   Gangster Life
9.   Heaven And Earth
10. Rwanda
11. Top Of The World
12. Book Of The Sky 

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Greg Lewin-This album is one that is well embraced by all the roots reggae listeners. Iyasus sends a message on each tracks on this cd. I love this album but my favorite is track 10, "Rwanda" Iyasus touched the issue of the gruesome situation endured in Rwanda when the Hutu killed almost one-million Tutsi civilians in their ethnic cleansing campaign.  This is a must cd. 
Reviewer:   "daood2000" (Washington, DC) - 
This CD is the Reggae All Star game. The amount of roots musicians on this work is unheard of. Yet the artist, Haile Iyasus, doesn't get outdone in anyway. He writes songs with the foundation of a time before but speaking coherently for today's life and times. With tunes like "Black Seed" it's obvious that Haile Iyasus will continue what Augustus Pablo started with the melodica ina dub, seen.
5 out of 5 stars Black Seed is coming, January 9, 2002
Reviewer:   AU (Lagos, Nigeria) - 
For the true reggae lover, this album is a classic. You will find the lyrics, melodies, and rhythm of spiritual revolution tucked into this CD. The influence of Marley and Augustus Pablo are very evident in the music. My personal favorite is Book of the Sky for the lyrical content but all the music sounds nice.
5 out of 5 stars The Blossoming BLACK SEED (Haile Iyasus), December 28, 2001

Reviewer:   "kikimeeks" (Ashton, Maryland United States) 
I thoroughly enjoyed this cd!! I knew I would once I saw the list of "historic" jamaican musicians supporting him musically on this album. Players like drummer Horsemouth (Rockers, the movie), Earl "Chinna" Smith, Dean Frazer, and the mystical Augustus Pablo!! 12 years of collaboration with a musical great like Pablo, it's no wonder why this cd is so captivating. Not filled with a lot of religious rhetoric but TRUTH about the essence of life. The rhythms are groovy and infectious. My favorites (if i dare choose) are African Queen, Black Seed,
Gangster Life and Book of the Sky. I can only say, i can't wait for the DUB album!!!...
5 out of 5 stars The Blossoming BLACK SEED, December 28, 2001


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