Going Back To Our Roots

Austin Lewin

June 19-2007-As one of the greatest song writers said “Am going back to my roots” (Luke Dube).  This statement had perfectly described my recent visit to our beloved Bluefields during the May festivities.  It was very pleasant to see the Old folks come out to fete to the sound of May Pole music on the streets, the bright and beautiful costumes and decorated floats where spectacular, it’s a must see for yourself.  Each Barrio had the opportunity to show case their candidate for the Miss Mayo Queen, they all were beautiful and gifted candidates but as we know in every competition there is only one to be crown.  This year it was Miss Joteshema Fox Hodgson better know as Sheyenne from Old Bank. 

In conversation with some of the folks the idea was to rescue that old time tradition left by our ancestors and bring back life to a city that once had everything to offer.  They commented about going to “NADAN HALL” or down the “Gully” to watch to old people dance to the rhythms’ of May Pole and how splendor it use to be.  The events culminated on May 31 with the Tulululu dance from Old Bank to Cotton Tree. 

I would recommend that you make it possible on one of your next vacation trips to plan around that time of the year to see the great come back of what May Pole use to be back in the days.  Just a hint, I was told by the Old Folks that next year will be bigger and better so don’t missed it.

As from an economic point of view, these events (May Pole and Bluefields Birthday Carnival) can bring so much progress to a community that is trying so very hard to get back to where it used to be economically. Many foreigners and nationals who live abroad have contributed greatly to the economy during the month long festivity. It would be nice to see May Pole and Bluefields Birthday (Carnival) be an essential part of our history. It would be nice if the Department of Culture can officially make these events a once a year event. i.e. May for May Pole and October for Carnival. By doing this we give foreigners and nationals living abroad the opportunity to plan which event to attend and not see the two events at the same time twice a year.
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