Giant Enel Threatened To Take Station Off The Air

Feb15-In a show of solidarity and their commitment to working with the community, SLC, Inc. donated the last three thousand Cordobas of a ten thousand Cordobas debt to Radio Zinica to prevent a possible shut down by giant monopoly of Enel. Enel has threatened to take the radio station off the air if they didn't pay their past due of ten thousand Cordobas. Yesterday the radio station conducted a day long fund raising to raised the money. When SLC learned about the situation they immediately got involved. A call was made to the radio station by a rep. of SLC where Prof. Arturo Valdez informed them that they had already raised seven thousand Cordobas but needed three more to stop a disastrous situation from occurring. Right there and then SLC pledged three thousand Cordobas to Mr. Valdez. 

You see, SLC felt a moral obligation to the radio station because they first helped and supported SLC in the two cultural events that they brought to the city. Unconditional support. They with no hesitation agreed for the very first time in history to broadcast live the Owen Gray Concert back on January 1 so that the people in the communities could have a chance to experience what was going on in Bluefields. What SLC did was not for fame or any special recognition, it was out of the kindness of their hearts to help someone who first helped them. "What you sow you shall reap" as Prof. Arturo put it. 

What SLC did is not the solution to a growing problem in our community. Once again we all need to come together and work hard to keep the things that makes our home a better place. Radio Zinica is the oldest radio station in Bluefields. It is the only radio station that takes the time to bring you the truth of what is happening in our community and our nation. Together we all achieve more.



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