Garifuna Pride Lost At Sea

Bluefields, RAAS, Jan 5-A speed boat by the name of "Garifuna Pride" on her way from Orinoco to the Pearl Keys (silk key) has been lost at sea since January 3. The speed boat with 14 passengers: 10 ten adults and 4 children left Orinoco for Silk Key  where  most of the passengers work in the fishing industry.  Ethel Gonzales de Sambola wife of the owner and captain of the vessel got off at Pearl Lagoon to catch another vessel to Bluefields. She is very optimistic and hope that they are only experiencing an engine problem. Mrs. Sambola said she knows for sure that the crew had at least ten gallon of waters and some soda cake that she forgot on the boat when she got off at Pearl Lagoon. Some of the other passengers boarded the vessel at Pearl Lagoon to go to Silk Key where they would board another vessel to Little Corn Island.   

The captain and owner of the boat is Mr. Leroy Sambola. The rest of passengers are: 

Roydel Sambola - son of the captain
Ludric Sambola - brother of the captain
Jamar Morales - nephew of the captain
Rene Palacio
Noel Alvarez
Jose Gonzales
Ermita Juliet
Gerald and Marlon Cutberth along with their three children and two others whose name is not known. 

A speed boat was found yesterday adrift near San Juan del Sur but turned out to be that of another vessel. 

This tragic news has the community in a somber mood, it's not the type of news to start a new year. Hope is still strong,  everyone is joining in prayer asking the lord to help them return safely. Many of the people are referring back to when Mr. Pedro Molina A.K.A. "Oco" was lost at sea for five days before he was found. The city of Bluefields was sadden when Oco didn't return from sea but thank god his ordeal ended in joy when he was found by Rincard Clair.  The community here is praying for god to work out a similar miracle and send an angel to rescue the "Garifuna Pride"

While this story was being written news came in that the vessel reached her destination. This has been confirmed. The brother of the captain called from Pearl Lagoon and said the vessel ran out of gas and ended up at Wild Cane Key. "It is no secret what God can do!" Another miracle from God. 



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