Dear Jerry,
Thank you for response to the article, "the fleecing." on the pulse.While we are not in the business to make money but to entertain our people with the music they love best I must disagree with you. And though we may not have made any money from our shows we still put on the best show there is and those who attended can attest to this fact. And you are right, Lucky Dube is out of our reach, a show with Lucky is way too expensive for a place where you will not even cover your expenses. I love the fact that you answered to the article, after all this is what the pulse is all about, bringing us together where we can share our opinion. Any pointers you can give us to make our shows more successful and to bring our people to enjoy them will be greatly appreciated. Feel free to contribute your opinion to the pulse. 

On behalf of Oneness Entertainment Group we wish you luck and much success with the Eric Donaldson Show. Please send us photos after the show. 

Greg Lewin

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Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 10:34 AM
Subject: Your Stupid Article

You are so stupid, that it hurts to know that you are from Bluefield’s. Why don't you tell the truth about all the concerts that you had in Nicaragua. You and your investors have yet, to make any money in any of your concerts. How can you say that it was a success? Every concert you guys put together make all of you cry. The concert with Lucky Dube attracted more people that all your concerts put together. It was un organized but the turn out was good. It is an artist that you and your little friends could never put together because of your lack of finance. Judy Boucher had more people that what you have every put in the stadium in Bluefield’s. If you don't know the difference between singing with your background and lip singing, then you need to try and get out of this business. You are a total failure in your adventures. You announced Eric Donaldson, while you had no contact with the man. When Eric goes to port and Bluefield’s, it will be a success. Your guys have no clue about promoting any concerts. And stop lying to the people about being well know in the Caribbean.

Get a grip and stop hating successful people.

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