Apr. 25-It is a pleasure for me to be able to address you on our website and give you my Summary of the Event that took place in Bluefields, Nicaragua on April 11, 2001. It is always great to go back home and spend time with relatives and friends and have a great time. This trip was a little different because it was a business trip and we could not have the fun we would have liked to and be able to entertain with all.  From the start we believed that our first FESTIVAL would be a Success and all the ones that will follow. 

We encountered a few obstacles, and you should expect obstacles in every good thing you do, a  few of the obstacles we encountered were: Bad publicity, People being scared about spending and not getting their money worth, Some people taking word of mouth for granted and not really listening to the real advertisement given by the people who were involved directly with this great event.  We had problems getting delivery on time and we had a huge misunderstanding with the Electrical Company, but the beauty of it all, at no time did we give up. We stood positive because we had promised to give you the people of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua a great Festival never seen before and we did. ( SLC., INC. DELIVERS).

 Please make a note of this, whatever SLC., INC. promises it will deliver and make no one turn you away from that Idea, because there are people who will try to do this. They are the ones that cannot handle success.  SLC., INC. is not an "ALIAS" it is the correct name of our Organization. We do not hide behind other names.

 SLC.,  INC. will continue to work hard to unite our community,  we have a lot of work to do back home which is going to take some time and a  lot of effort from us and from you the people. We will do all possible to gain your Respect and your Trust.We will work hard to get your support in everything we do back home and abroad.

 Thanks to all the people who came out  and gave us their support, you believed in us from the start.  Thanks to all the people who could  not make it because of Financial difficulties or Sickness.  Thanks to all the people who didn't   make it because of any kind of confusion, we are sure you will be there next time.

Thanks to all of you who keep visiting our Website we surely appreciate  it.

                                                               LOVE YOU  BLUEFIELDS, NICARAGUA!!!!!!!!!!

                                                               ARE YOU  READY??????????

S. Hooker



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