Oneness Entertainment Presents Festival Night.

Bluefields, RAAS, Nov.19,06-In the 1970’s Bluefields was entertained by talent shows known at the time as “Festival.” Artist both young and old used to take part in this fun event and entertain the attending crowd with the songs making the hits at the time from Gregory Isaacs, Eric Donaldson, Pat Kelly & Dillinger to name a few. Festival used to be at several locations such as: The Blue Soul Club in the Park, GG in the Central and the Moravian school gymnasium. Most of the talent shows back then were at the Blue Soul Club and artist were backed by the then Dimension Costeña group.

One of the most memorable of all the festivals was one given at the Moravian Gymnasium backed by one of the strongest reggae band to ever play on the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. They were the “Black Sheep” of Corn Island. Most memorable song performed that night was “Talk About Love” (Pat Kelly); The song was performed by Archie and Jaime. I can still remember the way the gym erupted to this date.

Oneness Entertainment is bringing back Festival Night to Bluefields in an effort to resurrect this great show. Invitation is open and free of charge to participating artist only but limited so act soon and get your name on the list. Many have been asking to bring back this great entertainment and Oneness Entertainment is responding to this demand. Performance will be live. All artist will be backed by a band no PA. Date of event to be announce.

The idea of bringing back this great talent show will serve as a vehicle to the youth in the community to showcase their talent. The show will be watch closely by World Sound Record producer Bill Campbell as he looks for new talent to continue the great work coming out of the World Sound studios.

If you think you have what it takes to perform in front of a large crowd then we are waiting for you. Act now and sign up, get your track to Mike Lewin because space is limited and deadline must be met.

You must meet the following qualification to participate.

1.      Has completed your fifteenth birthday

2.      Has never performed professionally

3.      Has never done any recordings


Ø      Festival Night is for entertainment purposes only

Ø      Oneness Entertainment reserves the rights to not accept an applicant for various reasons.

Ø      Oneness Entertainment does not imply that any record company will contract artists if they are the winner of the show including that of World Sound Records.

For more information please contact Mike Lewin at 845-2649 or email or

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