President Bolaños Said He Support The Law Of Autonomy

Washington, Apr. 6-President Enrique Bolaños wrapped up his private visit to the US yesterday in which he visited Harvard University, the Massachusetts University of Technology, IBM and the International Monetary Fund.  Yesterday the president gave a press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC in which he outlined the purpose of his visit. The President said he came to the US looking for ways to advance Nicaragua in terms of technology and economical growth. He sees technology as being very vital to the Nicaraguan economy and hopes that every citizens will benefit from it. 

President Enrique Bolaños told the news media that poverty is the main enemy of Nicaragua. He said it's a battle that he is determined to fight. Second on his list of enemies is corruption. The President also mentioned that the number one topic in his budget is education and health. Bolaños said education will bring health. When asked how he plans to fight corruption, the president said that they will continue to investigate all those that stole money and bring them to justice. The President was then asked if he will investigate the allegations against ex- president Arnoldo Aleman. He said if the Attorney General find it necessary to bring him to trial after his investigation he can do so. 

Bolaños said that he is trying to establish a free trade between Nicaragua and the US. to benefit the Nicaraguan People but first a treaty between the two countries must be signed. 

Bluefieldspulse then asked the president if he support the law of autonomy on the Caribbean coast and if so what were his intentions toward the regulations, and if he had any intentions of naming anyone from the Caribbean coast to any of his high level positions such as: foreign ministers, ambassadors etc. 

The President said that he plans to build two roads that connect the Pacific with the Caribbean coast. One road will go from Rio Blanco to Siuna and the other from Nueva Guinea to Bluefields. He plans to have this completed within five years. The President said that the ambassador in Belize is from the Caribbean coast and that a member of his cabinet is also from the Caribbean coast. President Bolaños said he supports the law of autonomy and that it's being practice but the regulations  must pass in the National Assembly and that they are working on it.  



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