Coast Storm Dance Group Hope To Represent The Caribbean Coast

April 19-Elisa Levy, former Queen of San Francisco's Carnival 2000-2001 is heading a fundraiser to bring a dance group from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua to San Francisco Carnival 2002. Elisa is inviting all of you to join in supporting the vital work that she has been assigned. Her job is to bring diversity to Carnival, as well as to bring a little of the Nicaragua's Caribbean culture and flair to the San Francisco area. San Francisco Carnival was established in 1979. Since its inception it has been historically well attended by people of all races and cultures. Never has there been a group from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua participating in the Carnival, and that is entirely due to the lack of funding Ms. Levy said. 

Her main objective is to raise 10,000.00 but note that there is little time left to raise the funds since Carnival is scheduled for May 26, 2002. The projects that she is hoping to obtain sponsorship for are:

1.    Bringing together a cultural dance group from the Caribbean coast and San Francisco to participate in the events of the Carnival. The name of the group is "Coast Storm." The leader of the group is Ms. Anita Johnson from Bluefields. Ms. Levy said that recruitment has already began in San Francisco and Nicaragua. Some of the members are: Shandy Brooks, Maris Lewis, Yanori Silva, Annie Loya, Sayonara Silva, Georgette Dixon, Leyda Patterson, Leonel Obando, Kirk Monroe, Sochilt Hodgson, Chrika Ann Padmore and Melissa Allen. Ms. Levy is seeking fundings for airline tickets, food and lodging while the group is in the San Francisco area. 

2.    Funds to produce and air a video of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. The video would show the cities, culture and customs of the native people. 

3.    Financial assistance to help purchase suitable Carnival costumes, printing of t-shirts, hats, banners and flags.

4.    Administrative expenses (photocopies, printing, telephones expenses, faxes, photography and media coverage, etc.)

Ms. Levy is counting on the support of the people and said it can bring about a positive social change on the Caribbean coast. Ms. Levy said it is critically important that they receive the necessary funding to continue with the wonderful job they have started. She also note that in the past years, earthquakes, hurricanes and wars have devastated the country of Nicaragua and would like to continue to see festive and colorful things being celebrated on the tv channels about her Nicaragua especially about the Caribbean coast. Ms. Levy is asking all those who are able to be a part of the festivities by giving a helping hand.

If you would like to help with this project please call 650-814-6433 or 650-223-2199 x 3924 or via email at  


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