Election Crisis Is Still Without A Resolution

Bluefields, RAAS, Jul.19, 2002-The election conflict of May 4th in Bluefields is still without resolution. The Appeals Court of Bluefields ruled the election null. Therefore the South Atlantic Autonomous Region is still without a regional government. Since then, the council members who were illegally elected to the regional counsel have not been paid. The central government will not pay anyone of the illegally elected council members since the elections was ruled illegal by the Appeals Court and suspended by the Supreme Court in Managua.

The members of the PLC (liberal constitutionalist party) who were elected on May 4th made a surprise move by electing Guy Cox to be the regional coordinator in hopes of solving the crisis. Guy Cox was replacing Raul Martinez from Masaya who was illegally elected to be the coordinator of the South Atlantic Region.

According to the politicians, the move made to elect Guy Cox to be the new coordinator is illegal because the members who elected him are still not legally elected themselves based on the ruling of the Appeals Court.  The Sandinista party made a statement claiming three seats in the regional council: two for the Sandinista and one for Yatama.

A foreign institution such as ASDI RAAN, RAAS (Swedish agency for international development) has also taken a stand, which can affect many non-profit projects. Doleen Miller who represents the organization in Bluefields said that the organization couldn’t sponsor any of the regional government projects since they are not recognized.

Latest development.

Confusing but not surprising to all, yesterday July 18, the directive board of the PLC called an urgent meeting. Sources said that the main focus of the meeting was to remove Guy Cox as provisional coordinator of the RAAS. All this appears to be part of the continued fight between the supporters for President Enrique Bolaños and supporters of the ex-president Arnoldo Alemán. 

In other news

A panga (speed boat) capsized yesterday in Rama. The authorities said that floating debris in the water due to the heavy rainy season caused the accident. No one was killed.


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