Ebony Walters,  Wins Four Awards 


     Name:  Ebony Walters

    Born:  January 21, 1992

    City/State:  Silver Spring, Maryland

    Age:  9

    Sport: Gymnastics





Nov-4-We have been tracking this future gold medallist for quite sometime now. Nine year old Ebony Walters. Born in the USA in1992 to Gregory and Susana Walters, natives of the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua. Ebony fell in love with the sport of gymnastic from an early age. Bluefieldspulse received a special invitation to watch Ebony compete for the Judges Invitational last night at the Columbia gymnastic club in Columbia,  Maryland.  

I had the opportunity to ride in the same car with Ebony. She is a very serious girl but she managed to put a little smirk on her face when she saw me. 10 minutes into our 45 minutes ride from Silver Spring she fell asleep. When we arrived at the gym she awoke and I asked her, have you been to this gym before?  she replied very politely,  no. To my amaze,  Ebony knew she was going into a big competition where they would be hundreds of kids competing and she was calm as ever. I guess it was just another regular routine for her. 

We walked into the gym and I watched as she stretched and did her warm up with her coach by her side giving her tips. Every so often she would look up trying to find us in the crowd and giving us a little a smile. An hour later stretching was done and it it was time for the events to begin.

Ebony's  first routine was on the floor.  She performed a dance she had just learned a couple of weeks ago. She was flawless, she was amazing, the   crowed was stunned. The score, a 9.0. Very well deserving of a 10.0 but we'll take the judges score and run with that. Never have I seen someone so young to be so focused on what she was doing, well disciplined. Her second routine was on the Vault where again she received a very high score,  an 8.7. Next up was the uneven bars. She failed to make the dismount but got back on the bars very quickly and when she was done,  yet again another satisfying score,  an 8.6. Ebony's last and most difficult routine was the Balance beam. It is certainly not her favorite and her mother knows it. She left the room because she could not stand to watch. Ebony got onto the beam and started doing her thing graciously but just as she was preparing to make her dismount she loses balance and fell off the beam but like a warrior that she is,  she got right back up and made an astonishing dismount. The score,  a well deserved 7.55.

When the night was over,  Ebony came home with several awards to add to the many she has already collected throughout her career. 6th place on the Vault, 3rd place on the Bars, 3rd place all around but she wasn't done yet. To no surprise to the crowd,  Ebony took the 1st place medal for the floor routine. Way to go! Ebony was still not done,  her over all scored of the night,  a 33.85 moved her up to level 8.

After the awards were given out and we were on our way back home, Ebony wanted to listen to T.C. new soca album. She then told her mom she wanted to go to the restaurant. You deserve all of it.


Congratulations Ebony. You are surely making a difference. See you at the Olympics.

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