Ebony Placed 4th All Around At The National Gymnastic Championship

Gregory Lewin

April 28, 2004-Silver Spring, MD-Ebony Walters is done for the year and she went out leaving the crowd of onlookers and Olympic scouts in awe. Ebony's last meet of the year was at the National Gymnastic Championship in Virginia Beach last weekend where she competed against 226 kids from 125 cities from all over the United States. The little angel warrior knew she was up against some of the best kids in country all of whom are seeking to make their dream of possible participating in the Olympics come true. A good performance from Ebony would place her one level closer to that dream. 

It was all nerve wrecking as the competition time drew closer. Most athletes no matter how experienced they are would be going through some real emotional moments just before the big game, but the little warrior was calm as ever as though it was just routine for her. Very shy and very serious about her work she warmed up and got herself loose hoping to leave the year with bang performance. The result for such hard work and dedication was more than magnificent. Her gracefull performance was more than we could ask for.

The results:Ebony won "National Champion"  with a a 9.525 score on bars, 9.100 on beam, 9.00 on vault and 9.325 on floor.  Overall, Ebony was placed 4th all around. A giant step. 

Congratulation Ebony and we see you next year! 



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