The Game Of Domino Well And Alive


Bluefields, RAAS, May 23-On Saturday May 18, Beholden defeated Old Bank for the fourth time to win the domino championship of 2002. Beholden won 4 games, Old Bank 0. The first team to score a total of 10,000 points wins the game. Each games can last up to 4 hours. The final game was played at China Nica bar and restaurant. Bluefieldspulse had the opportunity to speak with the president of the domino league Mr. William Alvarez, a.k.a. Paco.



bluefieldspulse: How many teams are in the domino league?

Alvarez: First of all, thank you for granting me the opportunity to say a few words. The league is made up of six teams. Right now the two best, Old Bank and Beholden are playing for the championship. It's the first time in many years that Old Bank made it to the final. Before,  it has always been between Beholden and Cotton Tree. Old Bank surprised everyone this year by defeating Cotton Tree and eliminating them from the tournament.

bluefieldspulse: It is our understanding that their is an International domino tournament being held in the community of Haul Over, what can you tell us about that?

Alvarez: Last year I organized the first international tournament in Bluefields. Everything was excellent. Eight teams participated. This year I asked all the teams if any of them had interest in hosting the next tournament and Haul Over volunteered. The tournament will start May 21 - May 26. Ten teams will participate: Costa Rica, Panama, Corn Island, Bluefields, Marshall Point, Orinoco, Tasba Pauni, Pearl Lagoon and two teams from Haul Over. Each teams consist of 25 players.

bluefieldspulse: Is their any female player on any of the team.

Alvarez: Well, it is not prohibited, if you can play the game you are welcome. Last year when we went to Panama the Costa Rican team had ten ladies with them. In our local league we have one lady, Ms. Rachel Thyne. So, if the ladies feel they have the capacity to play then they are welcome to do so.

bluefieldspulse: Is Ms. Rachel on the Bluefields selection and will she participate in the tournament? 

Alvarez: It depends, if she can get the time off from work certainly! many will not be able to attend because the tournament is during the weekdays so we have to substitute for them.

bluefieldspulse: Is anyone giving you a helping hand to maintain the league and keep the young men away from bad habits?

Alvarez: Well, the participating teams help the league. We charge an inscription fee to buy throphes and keep the league going. However, I feel we must establish a domino club. We also get a little help from establishment where the domino games are played. They give us a little something off the sale they make for that day. We need help and if anyone reads about this from abroad and would like to help we will appreciate it. We do need a local where we can play the domino games.

bluefieldspulse: Do you have any contact with any domino team from Jamaica?

Alvarez: Right now we have no contact with Jamaica. Last year we received an invitation to a world tournament. A hook up made by Orel Schollett but it was cancelled. 

bluefieldspulse: Thank you and good luck.

Harry Mathews (machon, left) as he concentrate on the next move from his nephew Larry who playes for Old Bank. Although Harry is from Old Bank he plays for the Beholden team. We called him "vende patria" Harry said kids should stay in sports and stay away from bad things. He said they should even learn to play the game of domino.  



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