Cries Of A Legend 

Bluefields, RAAS, Jun 7-Bluefieldspulse had the great opportunity to speak with Mr. Lloyd Forbes, an outspoken citizen on the Caribbean coast of  Nicaragua. Mr. Forbes is always encouraging the coast people especially the blacks on how to secure the the future of the Caribbean coast (the children.) Like many concern citizens of the coast who cry without an ear to hear; Mr. Forbes go on hoping that one day the right group of people,  hopefully young, honest and hard working will hear his cries and pleas and come to the aid of the Caribbean coast people. Many people look down at him. If you have the opportunity to talk to him I urge you to do so. He makes a lot of sense and I believe he is on the same page as those of us who are hoping to see the Caribbean coast emerge from the pit that she is in right now.  

Pulse: Mr. Forbes,  what is your opinion on the alleged illegal regional council sworn in this past 4th of May?

Forbes: Hombre, we are suffering from a tremendous impact of lack of understanding. I believe that because of the lack of new or sincere leaders they have created a strategy of holding back the people from advancing in all aspect. One of the greatest moment of backwardness is due to the fact that we are not an understanding people. What took place on the 4th of May was not surprising to me. It was an example of what things really are. After the election,  the radio stations and news papers gave a clear explanation of how the election was carried out. They show that the intervention of the church, the United States, the people from Miami and the local leaders of this society carried out an election of  deception. They are proven facts that after the election,  their is really nothing to offer the people. It was a fraud. A real psychological fraud. 

Pulse: One of your cries has always been that the people in Bluefields are hungry, can you elaborate on that? 

Forbes: During the 1940's I foresaw this situation and I never held back. I was on the radio. I would set up one or three black boards around town. I did this to give the people a hint of what would take place if we did not take care of our national resources. This is something that can happened in any part of the world.  If you destroy all your natural resources and if you don't enjoy the riches of nature, one day you will find yourself without the natural resources. It has happened to us because we did not enjoy the fruit of the natural resources. It's hard to explain why our people did not see into this. All our people are suffering now. 

The lumber is gone. There is a depletion of the shrimp, the lobster and the turtle. Besides lack of having a relationship with the Nicaraguan government, feeling like Nicaraguan which we were never considered Nicaraguan with all the right of Nicaragua. Deception put us in the situation where we are right now. There is not even a minor state,  any type of program for the economical lively hood of the Caribbean coast. If it wasn't for some cocaine that fell on the coast and the men on ships I don't know where we would be today. They are a lot of food in town but no money to buy it. No employment,  no food.

Pulse: In regards to the land that belong to the people of the Caribbean coast. What can the people do in order to claim their piece of land before it's too late?

Forbes: Hombre it's already late. But still the history of the Caribbean coast gives us a possibility of recuperating a lot of our land. Our documentation, our historical rights, our ancestral rights, our communal rights is still in our favor. We also have international pressure on the government to see that the Afro-Indians get back some of their lost territories. This effort is highly supported. Even the Nicaraguan law is stating that the autonomous law has the ability to get back the property to the rightful people. The Afro-Indians of the Caribbean coast.

Pulse: What do you think the people from abroad can organize toward the needs of the Caribbean coast?

Forbes: I can remember as a young men,  I dedicated myself to preparing people for the future. I headed a boy scout group of three hundred. I think we need to see if we can do this again. We need to renew our leadership but we need a tremendous support from outside. All our old leaders, the Hookers, the Hodgson's are either old or has removed themselves from leading their people. One thing we can do very fast is try to sponsor leadership. If you try to search for leaders here you will find that they are very few and many of them have deceived us. 

In closing,  Mr. Forbes said that he has been preaching night and day that there are a lot of lands behind Bluefields and in the mangros. He urge the older folks to come up with their papers and past them down to their children. He said that he knows that a lot of Creole people own land at Loma Fresca, Pancasan and beyond. Mr. Forbes said maybe the children should provoke their folks into turning over their documents so they can see what belong to them. He mentioned that the Hodgson family, the Taylor family, the Howell family and the Thyne family should have land in those areas. He said most of them have their documents and maps of their properties. Forbes warns that if they continue to hold back they are going to lose everything that belong to them in another two three years. All the keys and lands are going he said.  This is my last cry out and I hope that people would understand. One of these days they are going to come back home but what will they come to. The Mestizos have already taken over Bluefields and are on the beaches.



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