Coral Springs High School Set To Compete In The Regional Swim Meet

Gregory Lewin

Coral Springs-October 25, 2007-Steve R Hooker Jr. is a Member of the Coral Springs High School Swim Team in his Senior Year. On October 26, 2007 Steve will compete in the 200 and 400 Relay Free Style in the Regional Swim Meet in West Palm Beach, Florida . Coral Springs High School is also competing to win a spot that will send them to the State Capital Tallahassee to compete in the State Championship.

Steve R Hooker Jr. is the son of Steve & Erica Hooker. He was born in the United States but his parents are from Bluefields, Nicaragua, a place with strong family ties. He says he consider Bluefields his home. 

Steve started swimming in organized Meets at the tender age of 7 when he was a member of the Norland Community Pool Swim Team in Miami, Florida. In 2003 the family relocated to Coral Springs where he joined the Coral Springs High School Swim Team in his sophomore year. As a member of the Coral Springs high swim team Steve Jr. has competed in the 100 Butterfly, 100 Free Style, 100 Free Relay, 200 Free Relay, 400 Free Relay and the 200 IM.

On October 6th,2007 Steve was invited with honor to participate in a Swim Meet at the Fort Lauderdale Aquatic Hall of Fame Complex. "I am very honored to have been invited to participate to swim at this facility" Steve Jr. said. "I will never forget it and I will always cherish these Memories" he said.

Steve and Erica stated that they are very proud of Steve's High School Accomplishments and hope they transcend into his College years and where ever his future may take him.


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