Steve Hooker

Nov, 10-During the celebration of the now famous “Centenary of Bluefields,” which looked more like Centenary of the Pacific because they, the officials of the pacific, took the reins of the agenda and planned the event. For just once in 100 years since becoming citizens, we could have been given the opportunity to organize our own festivities.

A manifestation to protest the way in which the event was drafted was thwarted by police brought in from Managua dressed in riot gear as if savages would confront them. The police acted like “Tachito’s” group. They came to frighten the people at a time when the people of Bluefields should have been celebrating and enjoying a centennial that only comes once. After all, the police was successful because the people were not able to protest, never mind the reason and motives for which they would have been manifesting.

Bluefields was paralyzed during the president visit. One must asked, “Why visit a city of savages if they were afraid that some unfortunate act might befall the president?” It is not just what they have done and are doing to the populace of Bluefields. One might also ask, “What could happen when the people get tired of the ill-treatment and insults?” Please, if you do not want to interact with us from the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua, then, relinquish the reins so that we may decide our fate. The man could walk among the multitude when he was seeking votes, but when he became president he does not reach out to the people. Just think about it!

We have had enough of your unnecessary insults and abuses. Instead of leaving behind all the atrocities perpetrated upon us in the first hundred years, we can only wonder and ask what is in store for the next hundred years to come. Instead of helping us to achieve the status of City we once were before the government of Nicaragua took control of our destiny, we are being sunk into a deeper pit.

Today, I see a protest in Managua to demand the 6%, but there was no indication that the people were threaten to stop the march. The manifestation was carried out.

I leave you with this saying, “You can’t keep a squirrel down; it’s always looking to climb.” The South Caribbean Coast has always been known for its calm and quiet, but beware you do not awake it.



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