Caribbean Coast Citizens In The US Seek Clarification

This Letter was sent to reporter Sergio Leon to seek clarification of the statements made by Rayfields Hodgson.

Dec 26, 2003-We, the apprehensive black costeños in the Washington, DC and Miami metropolitan areas, will not lend ourselves to be used. By means of this missive, we seek clarity of the statements by Rev Rayfield Hodgson, president of the RAAS counsel, published in La Prensa on December 22, 2003 in the article “Costeños radicados en EE.UU. motivados a invertir en RAAS” by Sergio León C. Read the article for more information.


We believed the statements to be inaccurate and deleterious. Indeed, there are many costeños in the US who are motivated to invest in the Caribbean coast given the right environment, transparency, and accountability. We do have clarity of the potential of our natural resources and the socioeconomic benefits they can yield. We are also aware of the current dysfunctional regional government in light of the national political upheaval due to corruption and mismanagement.

For many costeños who might be interested in investing in the RAAS, Rev. Hodgson statements were certainly “news” to them. Absolutely no one we know was aware of his mission or presence in the US. conducted a survey on Tuesday, December 23, 2003 in the Washington, DC and Miami metropolitan areas costeño communities to find out if any one knew or heard about Rev. Hodgson’s visit. The results were astounding because 100% of the people surveyed responded that they did not know or heard about the reverend’s visit to the areas. And 50% said that had the meeting taken place with their knowledge, they would have liked to attend to be informed and possible invest in the projects mentioned by him in the newspaper.

We feel that Rev Rayfield Hodgson should state publicly who were the costeños he met with in the US in order to set the records straight. And that the next time he plans to visit these areas on business, please be courteous to invite the costeños who he may have excluded this time.

The following costeños who wish to set the record straight are:

Araia Sloan.
Steve Hooker Sr.
Gregory Lewin
Austin Lewin
Wyckerfee Wilson
Fernando Budier
Eladio Holmes
Steve Benedict
Adalbert Johnson

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