Bluefields The Land We Love

Steve Hooker Sr.

June 25-2004-Rich in so many things and still poor in a lot and I mean where it hurts.  The City with the most Cell Phones in the world can be one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but too many obstacles and Political Bureaucracy has stop the growth of what this City can really be. The potential of becoming a Gateway to the entire Caribbean where for many years we have conducted trades between many Caribbean nations is still there. And if we take good care of our Natural Resources we can get it back to where we were when you talk about Fishing and Forestry.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have no Political leaders in the Region, it is just a big Scam and it will not go away until the people of the Region take a stance against this entire line of Corruption. You in the community have to start searching your heart and come up with ideas to save this Region, it is slipping away from us and it doesnít look good.

We must stop following and become leaders, but leaders of the Truth. Leaders who will be able to stand and take constructive Criticism for what we do. And if we have done something wrong then learn to accept it and move on to better things and correct the wrong we have done.

we could have done so many good things for our Region with all the money wasted on personal agendas and the skeleton buildings of the Autonomy Palace and the Palace of Justice. We could have built more Class Rooms for our schools, Rehabilitation Centers, Social Environment for our Elders and so many other good things could have been done. It is sickening to see those two skeletons and hear how much money was wasted on them and who benefited from those misdeals. As we understand we may still have to pay more money on those famous Skeletons.

Every time some one is asked to do something about the Corruption in our Region and denounce the ones doing these wrongful things, the first thing that comes out of their mouths is the word fear. And you canít blame them, sometimes especially when we see what was done to our Brave Men and Women of our Police Force, but we have to put a stop to that and we have to work towards a better South Region, we need to cooperate with our Police Force and help them in all we can.

We have tried to address the problems of the Drug use and Abuse and the distribution of this deadly weapon but we cannot sit there and talk to the users, abusers and distributors without a plan of attack. We need to have something to offer them in return if they are to leave that drug and alcohol addictive life behind. There are no jobs, so they hang around the corners, there are no centers of Social and healthy Environment for them to attend. 

We ask them to stop doing Drugs but on every corner of our City we find a Bar, most of which are open for up to 18 hours a day, which means if they stop doing drugs what next, pick up drinking? What would be the message sent to our youth? We need everyone to come together and find a solution and put it in play to get our Region back. We are losing it at a fast pace. The big problem is who to blame, the bars at the corners?  the owners run these bars  support their families, so donít get me wrong and please understand what Iím trying to explain here and how much we need each other to fight this entire War.

I honestly think that we need to beat up and terminate the Political Corruption first before we can attempt to confront any of the other problems that we face in the region.

Coming up: can we celebrate anything in Bluefields without CarnivalóMay Pole---Carnapole?

Why canít we dedicate Carnival to Bluefields Birthday, May pole to the month of May and Carna Pole to anytime?

Each one must teach one!



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