What To Do About The Garbage And Sanitary Conditions In Bluefields!!!!!

Jan 30-When we walk the streets of Bluefields, we see the garbage all over town--on all sidewalks, in all trenches, and in the middle of the streets.

The concern is what can be done to better the sanitary conditions in our town. The talk is that previous administrations tried very hard to deal with the issues in different ways. One way was to put barrels two light polls apart. However, it did not work because the citizens would steal them. Folks, we need to start educating ourselves first, and then our people, about what is wrong and what is right with our society.

There is nothing like a clean neighborhood, which spells healthy neighborhood.  We need to look deep into our hearts, minds, and souls to find a solution on how to make our city clean. We need to start by cleaning our own neighborhoods first. It may only work if we do it by example. Clean your neighborhood first and then talk to other people about doing the same in theirs.

If we sit and wait on the government to do it for us, we may just continue to run the risk of falling on the streets.  We throw everything we reject on the streets and sidewalks. Someone can get hurt if he/she slips or falls because of banana peels on the sidewalks. Maybe, our efforts will open the governmentís eyes. Iím sure if we join together, we can do wonders.

We need to start working on building a great relationship with all the neighborhoods in Bluefields. Then, we can try and spread the good news to our surrounding areas.

The central area should be strictly taken care of by the mayorís office. If the merchants on the sidewalks canít keep the areas clean, they should be banned from selling. It is very disgusting how they keep these areas.

We, in the different neighborhoods, need to notify the mayorís office about the abandoned properties, so they can force the owners to keep them clean. Some of these properties are right on the main streets and appear to have tigers living in them. They are dangerous to their neighbors. Someone has to talk to the folks in the mayorís office and let them know, then see that they do something about it.

If you have a suggestion, you should do your best to see the mayor. He is the person you voted for, and he should have his office open to the people.  It is your right to address these issues, to have someone listen, and to bring some resolution. We must try to make our home a better place to live.




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