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May 6-2004-The entire country of Nicaragua paid tribute to the heroes who were brutally murdered Tuesday morning at the police station in Bluefields by unknown subjects. Police officers Juan José Fúnez, Ruth González, Roger Ernesto Villachica and Johnny Dometz were brutally murdered while on watch at the police station. Another police officer,  Ana Estela Valderrama was critically wounded and was taken to Managua. Doctor's are hopeful she will have a full recovery but will probably suffer mentally from the brutal act.  

Ruth González and Roger Ernesto Villachica were put to rest yesterday in Bluefields. Thousands of people turned out to say goodbye to the fallen heroes and expressed their anger towards those who committed the crimes. Officer Johnny Dometz was taken to Puerto Cabezas where he was buried while Captain Juan José Fúnez was taken to the capital city of Managua where he was buried today. 

President Enrique Bolanos has declared three days of mourning in observance of the fallen heroes. He has ordered the military and special forces to do everything in their power to capture the killers and bring them to justice. A crime of this magnitude upon a police station is unheard of in the history of Nicaragua. 

In other news: Despite the horrific events of Tuesday, May 4th, the regional council headed by Rayfield Hodgson went ahead with the election of authorities for the new Regional Government. The election was done peacefully without disturbance. Those heading the regional government took the opportunity to hold election while the people and the authorities were occupied trying to figure out what had happened earlier in the morning with the senseless murder of the four police officers. A massive protest planned for May 4th headed by Mayor Moises Arana to demand the council members not to re-elect those members alleged in one way or another of corruption was canceled. 

One would imagine that all activities including the election would have been postponed in observance of the fallen heroes but it was all the contrary. It was all Business as usual. In the end not much was changed. Rayfield Hodgson remained President of the regional government. First VP is a member of the Yatama party Ms. Elida Macre, Second VP-Tomas Heliodoro, First Secretary- Rendell Hebberth, Second Secretary- Ingrid Cuthbert, Second Secretary Magdalena Ruiz and. First Vocal- Benito Morales. Members of the Sandinista party and the four dissidents of the Arnoldista faction walked out of the session.      



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