Annual Christmas Dinner 2004

ONEG (oneness entertainment group) And UCP (uniting coast people) Annual Christmas Dinner

Gregory A. Lewin

Dec. 5, 2004, Bluefields, RAAS-ONENESS ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and UCP (uniting coast people) have accomplished yet another major success with their programs on the Caribbean coast. The annual Christmas dinner for the poor given yesterday at the Moravian Church was one of blessing. The dinner was a major success as the two organization brought joy, smile and laughter to some of the much-needed citizens in the area.  This year we are proud to say we fed over 500 people.

The elected mayor of Bluefields Mr. Luis Galvez attended the dinner and thanked the two organizations for a job well done and for the love we show toward our fellow countrymen, women and children.

We give all the thanks and praises to God for his continuous blessing making this deed possible.  
"Put God first and you can move mountains"

ONENESS ENTERTAINMENT GROUP and UCP would like to thank the following individuals for assisting us once again with this year’s dinner. Mr. Austin Lewin for Coordinating the event. And to Ms. Daphnie Lewin, Ms. Eloise Omeir, Ms. Edith Pollack, Ms. Gritel Wilson
and Ms. Yvonne Benlis for cooking such a wonderful dinner. God bless you all. 

Mr. Palmerson Budier  - Minister of the Moravian Church for once again granting us the space to serve the dinner. To the graduating students from the various schools who served the dinner.

We also extend our gratitude to all those who benefited from dinner. We could not have done it without you. See you next year and we wish you all a blessed Christmas.  Photos coming soon.

Newly elected Mayor of Bluefields with rep. of Oneness and UCP.



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